Are My Melody And Kuromi Siblings? Relationship And Their Family


Fans who have watched the Anime Onegai My Tune frequently pose this inquiry, Are My Song and Kuromi Kin? We will dig further into this point in this article.

Onegai My Tune is an anime series coordinated by Makoto Moriwaki in light of the Sanrio character My Song, with Takashi Yamada as the head author note and Tomoko Miyakawa as the person planner.

This anime series comprises of four seasons, with each season comprising of 52 episodes.

A Light Original spin-off of Onegai My Tune likewise exists. The continuation is named Highschool (2013).

My Song is one of the most renowned Japanese kawaii characters, and her prominence is right up there with her kindred Sanrio character Hi Kitty.

She is a white bunny young lady from Mariland with a pink hood that covers her ears.

Then again, Kuromi is a laborer from Mariland, and she is the primary bad guy of the Series Onegai My Song.

She is likewise the Head of a biker posse called Kuromi’s five, which comprises of five individuals. Different individuals are Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi, and Chumi.

Are My Tune And Kuromi Kin? Their Family And Relationship
Tune and Kuromi aren’t kin in Anime. All things considered, they are rivals.

Kuromi and My Tune are matches and are most frequently engaged with a battle. Be that as it may, the two characters don’t despise one another.

Notwithstanding their incessant battles, they care for one another. One of the times when My Tune secured herself in a bureau, Kuromi told her that if she somehow happened to die, who might she battle?

Basically, My Tune and Kuromi share the relationship of a Pseudo-nemesis.

While the previous considers both of them companions, the last option consider themselves to be a greater amount of opponents to seem intense.

My Tune has two kin, a more youthful brother named Mood and a more established sister named Congruity.

She lives with her folks and addresses them with Daddy and Mother.

Not much is uncovered about Kuromi’s folks aside from that they once showed up in Onegai My Song Anime.

My Tune’s underlying delivery was in 1975, simply a year after Hi Kitty was delivered. In 2005, My Song was given an opponent as Kuromi.

Kuromi was so cute and well known that she joined the Sanrio team as an authority part, turning into the other portion of a notorious reticent adversary couple.

Kuromi is My Song’s “punk” spitfire partner. In spite of the fact that My Tune and Kuromi can get along, Kuromi’s sentiments are more disposed to competition to seem extreme.

In spite of the fact that she seems testing and troublemaker, she is silly and is attracted to appealing folks! Kuromi appreciates keeping a journal and is fixated on heartfelt brief tales.

Dark and hot pink are her #1 tones. Her #1 food sources incorporate shallots, different sorts of meat, and cherries.

Notwithstanding her job as a miscreant, Kuromi appreciates food and even cooks. You could depict her as a defiant nonconformist.

Kuromi was caring, great, social, and cordial in her childhood.

My Tune once tore a page from Kuromi’s diary to wipe Piano’s nose, and she did different things to her that Kuromi accepts she did to demolish her life.

Presently her character is frantic, discouraged, and vindictive.

Not at all like her adversary Kuromi, my Tune is caring, amicable, hopeful, and quiet. She is likewise gruff and as often as possible statements her mom’s recommendation.

This white hare young lady from Mariland loves to do creates and prepare treats with her mom. My Tune’s number one food is Almond Pound Cake.

She is dearest companions with Level, a charming little mouse, and the notorious Welcome Kitty. Hi Kitty and My Tune are just a year separated and from London, so they get along well overall.