Are Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating?

As indicated by a source, Taylor and Travis have been discreetly getting to know each other
Travis had even recorded his telephone number on an arm band, which he expected to provide for the pop star
At the point when Travis went to one of Taylor’s new shows in Kansas City, he couldn’t meet her behind the stage

Apparently Taylor Quick might have another old flame in her life. The vocalist, known for her Times Visit, is purportedly dating football star Travis Kelce, a tight end with the Kansas City Bosses. Both are 33 years of age.

As per a source, Taylor and Travis have been unobtrusively hanging out. Travis had even engraved his telephone number on a wristband, which he planned to provide for the pop star. Nonetheless, when he went to one of Taylor’s new shows in Kansas City, he couldn’t meet her behind the stage, which left him rather disheartened.

Travis has a digital broadcast called New Levels with his brother Jason Kelce, who is a NFL player. In the current year’s Super Bowl, Travis’ group, the Kansas City Bosses, crushed Jason’s group, the Philadelphia Falcons. Travis shared on the digital recording that he didn’t get to meet Taylor face to face during her show, as she doesn’t regularly communicate with fans previously or after her shows because of the need to protect her voice for her exhibitions. He communicated his longing to give her one of the kinship wristbands with his number on it, a practice at Taylor Quick shows.

While Travis couldn’t meet Taylor, he lauded her exhibition as “an inconceivable show.” Jason entertainingly recommended that Taylor’s hesitance to meet Travis may be connected with her affection for the Falcons, taking into account she hails from Pennsylvania.

Travis had an on-off relationship with powerhouse Kayla Nicole for quite some time before their last separation in 2022. Taylor Quick, then again, has been sincerely connected with a few superstars throughout the long term, including Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Lautner, and Calvin Harris. Taylor’s tune “Dear John” was accepted to be about her past relationship with John Mayer, and she as of late re-recorded it as a component of her work to recover control of her music index.

During her Periods Visit, Taylor performed “Dear John” live without precedent for 11 years, igniting reestablished interest in the tune and her previous relationship with Mayer. Taylor asked her fans not to “safeguard” her against John Mayer, however a few internet based conversations condemned their age distinction when they dated, with Taylor being 19 and John Mayer being 33 at that point.