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Armando Manuel Caballero was the prime ‘individual of interest’ in the disapperance instance of Miya Marcano. Besides, he was associated to be the culprit with Miya Marcano as the high schooler still remaining parts unlocated by the police.

Starting today, the case has gotten another curve as Armando, the great suspect has been discovered dead in his condo. Consequently, the condition of the case has taken grave consideration from the general population and police as Miya has not as yet gotten back.

Armando Manuel Caballero filled in as a groundskeeper at the Arden Villas Apartments where Miya Marcano resided. Per the police reports, he was sincerely intrigued by Miya to whose propels the high schooler had dismissed as she was obviously not inspired by him.

The police speculate that is the place where Caballero crossed the restrictions of his feelings and had turned into a stalker to Miya. Additionally, he might have entered Miya’s condo with a Master key before Miya contacted her place.

He then, at that point, kidnapped her which has caused this undeniable police examination while acquiring the consideration of people in general. The vanishing of the 19-year-old Miya has now called for public consideration while the case has been featuring the web news lately.

Armando Manuel Caballero’s criminal record has not been shared by the agents right now. Consequently, the indication of Caballero submitting unlawful works in the past is as yet an inquiry.

What’s more, he was simply governed as a ‘individual of premium’ in Miya’s vanishing examinations. He was not completely secured by the police for the disturb however his abrupt self destruction has acquired another turn for the situation.

Indeed, Armando Manuel Caballero was discovered dead by self destruction in his condo per the police at a public interview on September 27. The total report on Caballero’s condo scene has not been imparted to general society.

Moreover, Miya’s room was observed to be in a confusion and a bloodstain was found on her pad. Additionally, the specialists found that somebody had hindered the way to her room. Given the method of the vanishing of Miya, Caballero was a significant suspect however his self destruction has upset the examinations at this point.