Armie Hammer Is Not Prioritizing Dating Amid ‘House Of Hammer’ Attention,


Armie Hammer is holding his head down amidst the storm. A source tells ET, “Armie kept it tranquil this past week’s end after the appearance of the House of Hammer web recording, which levels a couple of shocking charges against the Hammer family.”

The source says that Hammer and his estranged life partner, Elizabeth Chambers – – who split in 2020 amidst the emphasis of high-profile claims against the performer – – are “at this point coparenting by and large around well.”

Hammer and Chambers share two children – – a 7-year-old young lady Harper and a 5-year-old kid Ford.

As for his own life, the source says, “Dating isn’t indispensable for Armie. He accepts things ought to happen normally with someone who maintains him. He is taking things every day.”

Last week, before the House of Hammer debut, a source let ET in on that the plague performer was endeavoring to “prepare himself whatever amount of he can” for what was to come, openness wise.

“Armie is endeavoring to design himself whatever amount of he can for the House of Hammer story. He has an idea in regards to what’s coming. No matter what this, Armie has been endeavoring to push ahead whatever amount as could sensibly be anticipated truly talking and concerning his livelihood,” the source shared.

The source added that Hammer, who supposedly entered recuperation in Florida last June, is “reasonable and has been centered around that,” despite the impact the story stands to have. The source added, “His partners are restless that the account will crush him.”