Armie Hammer’s Aunt Casey Opens Up About ‘House of Hammer’ Doc and ‘Multigenerational Abuse’

Casey Hammer is opening up to ET about the Discovery+ House of Hammer account appearing on Sept. 2, and she’s believing it grants a few mental courage in people defying unsafe conditions in their own families while shining a light on the leaned toward presences of the rich.

ET’s Kevin Frazier actually conversed with Casey – – the aunt of plagued performer Armie Hammer – – who similarly filled in as an expert on the three-segment House of Hammer story, and she zeroed in on her family, and why the series is so basic.

“It’s fundamental to think about these people capable now, in spite of the way that most of them are dead, people of money and impact and overflow really should don’t pull off horrible approach to acting any more,” Casey says. “I consider House Hammer really shines a light on that and it’s connected to thinking about people capable and drawing in setbacks and permitting them to share their story so they can start the recovering framework.”

As of late, the trailer for House of Hammer dropped, and it included film of a couple of ladies who assurance to have dated Armie, and who drill down into their alleged relationship with him. Courtney Vucekovich is one of the two ladies included, who ensures that “everything was perfect” close to the start of her alleged opinion with the performer, “but by then things changed” as he “stretches your boundaries a bit at a time.”

Casey commended the ladies, as Courtney, who moved toward in the docuseries, communicating, “One explanation I’m most happy about House of Hammer is those ladies are fearless.”

“They’re very adroit and canny and productive ladies that just fairly got sucked into that vacuum of being modified and endlessly controlled and all of sudden their trapped in this and they have no clue about how to get out,” Casey adds.

While the series is based on the verifiable background of the Hammer family, Armie’s conversations expect a critical part. However, Casey figured out she hasn’t had “any correspondence” with the performer in an extended period of time.

“My mom died around quite a while ago, and up to that point, she kept us intact, sort of, in a sporadic broken way,” Casey shares. “However, when she passed, we in general just kind of segregated, which is great.”

That being said, Casey communicated that she “wasn’t paralyzed” about countless the shocking cases that surfaced against Armie in mid 2021.

“I was learning about it through the media like each and every other individual,” Casey says.

She guarantees, “The clarification I say that is a consequence of what I experienced encountering youth in my friends and family. It was multigenerational awful approach to acting and abuse.”

Following the trailer’s conveyance, a source told ET that Armie “has been based on effective money management energy with his children and Elizabeth and endeavoring to right his wrongs.”

On the home front, Hammer and his estranged mate, Elizabeth Chambers – – who split from the performer in July 2020 – – are still co-supporting their two children – – Harper, 7, and Ford, 5. That being said, the source said “it has been a fight for him to have this tale about him return” by means of a docuseries. The source similarly said Hammer “has been returning and forward between L.A. furthermore, the Cayman Islands.”

“If people hear my story, and it gives them the guts to approach, in a perfect world it builds up momentum and more survivors and setbacks can approach and feel empowered,” Casey tells ET of what she believes the docuseries can accomplish over an extended time. “Furthermore, if nothing else, that it starts a conversation, it creates a neighborhood.”

All of the three bits of House of Hammer will make a big appearance Friday, Sept. 2 on Discovery+.