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Arthur is a vagabond who has no appropriate or fixed location. He carries on with his life wandering to a great extent.

According to the reports from Meaww, Arthur was arrested for killing a 14-year-old, Jupiter Paulsen. She was skating from her dad to her mom while the vagabond assaulted her.

In addition, He was accused of burglary and bothered attack, and now, murder accusations also. He told the cops that he had a behavioral condition, tension, and sadness.

Arthur is a 22 years of age wanderer who was captured by the police on June 2021. He killed and cut her multiple times, which brought about the youthful Jupiter to death in Fargo, North Dakota.

As indicated by Valley News Live, Arthur stifled her and afterward tormented her genuinely by cutting her on numerous occasions. It was tragic information for the country, particularly for Paulsen’s family.

The police reports express that a city disinfection specialist saw a man (Kollie) hanging over Paulsen. He assaulted constantly her mercilessly for over 25 minutes. Subsequently, he fled when the city representative came nearer.

Arthur’s wiki is accessible on each new channel since it has become the most moving information on the day. Arthur Prince Kollie age is 22 years of age.Just, his ge uine date of birth is inaccessible at this moment.

Besides, We don’t have numerous insights regarding Arthur’s family and family members right now. Arthur Prince Kollie killed Jupiter Paulsen on June 4, 2021, in Fargo by cutting her products times.

The news totally breaks Paulsen’s folks. Her adored little girl is not any more in this world. It has been more hazardous for the kids to move out of their home because of this sort of wrongdoing and murder. Jupiter’s dad’s name is Robert Paulsen.