Ashley Reeves Inspiring Story Gets Airtime on Lifetime, Is She Still Paralyzed?

Since Left for dead emerged on Lifetime on June 12, 2022, individuals have been looking on the web for photographs of Ashley Reeves’ wounds. Her account of being daring and enduring has given many individuals trust.

In 2006, Ashley Reeves recently disappeared. She didn’t return home, and when her family called her multiple times and found no solution, they called the police. Specialists figured out that a man named Sam Shelton attempted to kill her by seeing her’s call history.

Individuals Search For Injury Photos Of Ashley Reeves? On April 27, 2006, Ashley Reeves was most recently seen. The 17-year-old should be home by 10 p.m., yet she won’t ever arrive. At the point when she got no calls or texts, her folks were stressed to such an extent that they called the police.

Despite the fact that her sweetheart was the primary individual police conversed with, he didn’t have the foggiest idea where she was. Then, the police figured out that Sam Shelton was the last individual who had seen her alive. They requested that he come to the police headquarters so they could address him.

During the cross examination, he changed his story a few times, which made the police think he realized something about Ashley’s vanishing. Following 12 hours of addressing, Shelton at last determined how he treated her.

Ashley needed to say a final farewell to him, so they needed to converse with one another about it. During the battle, Shelton blew up that he stifled her and hauled her out of the vehicle.

She battled for some time before she dropped while attempting to move away from him. At the point when he saw that he had broken her neck and hauled her into the forest, he got frightened.

He then, at that point, stifled her with his hands. He removed his hands from her, however she kept relaxing. He then, at that point, put his belt around her neck and pulled as hard as possible, preparing himself with his leg, until the belt broke.

He stifled her for the third and last time after the rope broke. He thought she was dead, so he couldn’t have cared less. But since of her wounds, she was unable to move and dropped. He left her in the forest after that.

In the wake of let the police know how he had treated her, he took them to the place where he had left her. Because of the downpour, it took some time for them to view as her, and Shelton said he had forgotten where she was.

They viewed as her sooner or later and thought she was dead, however she moved. She was taken to the medical clinic immediately, where she was placed into a state of insensibility. There are still pictures online of how she got better after her wounds.

But since she was valiant and solid, she had the option to financially recover following a couple of months and finish secondary school a year after that.

Is Ashley Reeves Still Paralyzed? Ashley Reeves was choked multiple times before the individual who did it thought she was dead and let her be. But since her neck was harmed so seriously, she couldn’t move.

At the point when the police found her in the forest, they took her to the clinic immediately. She was placed into a state of unconsciousness and remained there for some time. After what occurred, she even lost a portion of her recollections.

The battle they had that day was the sum total of her thoughts. She had failed to remember numerous things, even straightforward things like how to eat or move. This made the recuperation stage hard for her.

Along these lines, she needed to figure out how to talk, eat, and move her appendages once more. Specialists had let her folks know that she probably won’t make it or that it could require a long investment for her to fully recover.

Where Could Ashley Reeves Today be? Ashley Reeves is 32 years of age now, and she has two kids. She functions as a guardian and lives with her family in Illinois.

Shelton is as yet serving his time at the Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, Illinois. He will actually want to get free from jail, but still under watch on April 22, 2024, as indicated by Illinois jail records. says that he will be 44 years of age by then, at that point.