Auckland Health Boss Pauline Hanna Dies And Husband Philip Polkinghorne Charged For Murder


Pauline Hanna was found dead on April 5, 2021, in the Upland Rd home in Remuera.

Hanna was a leader project chief at Counties Manukau District Health Board. She has been engaged with different jobs in general wellbeing for north of twenty years. Pauline has been involved straightforwardly in the COVID-19 antibody rollout.

After her body was found, police scoured the house for eleven days, however no data has been given to the general population since, and they pronounced her case unexplained. During the continuous examination, hints of methamphetamine were tracked down on the property.

Hanna’s better half, Philip Polkinghorne, was being treated as a suspect in her strange demise.

Philip Polkinghorne was an eye specialist at Aukland Eye and was engaged with an extramarital issue with a lady named Madison Ashton.

Following 16 months after Hanna’s demise, a man was captured for the homicide, and it is guessed that it is Philip, Pauline’s better half.

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Is Pauline Hanna’s Husband Philip Polkinghorne Arrested? Polkinghorne showed up under the steady gaze of Judge Andrea Manuel on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, in Auckland District court as a suspect in his significant other’s demise. He argued not liable, was allowed bail, and will again show up in court on August 31 for his next hearing.

Polkinghorne expressed that he is stunned that police have accused him of homicide.

He added by saying that the equity cycle should reach a conclusion, and he accepts reality will be shown.

Prior on Tuesday, Det Insp Aaron Pascoe said that a 60-year-elderly person had been captured and accused of homicide. Yet, remarked no additionally connected with the case.

Polkinghorne surrendered and got away from his family home after Hanna’s passing. He was associated with a close connection with Madison Ashton. They had met each other in 2011 in Sydney. Their relationship was proficient as Hanna was additionally involved, yet it transformed into something individual in 2017.

Ashton had expressed that she didn’t know that Pauline and Philip were still attached at the hour of death. She helped out the examination with respect to Hanna’s demise.

Pauline Hanna’s Cause Of Death And Obituary The justification behind her demise is as yet unidentified since she was tracked down dead in her home. The specialists have additionally named the case unexplained because of its baffling nature.

There has been no new data to help the case and to track down the offender and justification for her passing.
Before her passing, Hanna had employed a confidential examiner, and the investigators had talked with her better half’s partners.

Trust the genuine reason for death will be uncovered soon.

Pauline Hanna Was An Auckland Health Boss Hanna was liable for the COVID-19 immunization rollout and was driving the Auckland district’s calculated store network business related to Covid-19.

The CFO and joint break CEO at Health Source, Richard Aldous, expressed that Hanna was an esteemed individual from Health Source. Many were applauded for her work in the field. She was likewise alluded to as the Auckland Health Boss.

A large number of her friends and family have supplicated that the guilty party behind her demise be gotten soon so Hanna and her family would get equity.