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Austin Russell is an American finance manager and business visionary who is the CEO of the vehicle commercialization organization Luminar Technologies. He is the world’s most youthful very rich person right now.

The 25-year-old is a school dropout who established the organization in 2012. After he opened up to the world about the organization in December, Luminar Technologies got one of the financial backers’ significant attractions. The organization as of now worths around $7.8 billion.

In addition, Luminar Technologies is an American organization that centers around commercializing innovation and programming for vehicles. It is most popular for its laser innovations for self-impelled vehicles.

Name Austin Russell
Age 25 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Education Stanford University

Austin Russell, who claims the 104.7 million portions of his organization, has a total assets of more than $2.4 billion according to his offers’ most recent worth.

Here is all you require to think about him. Austin Russell is an American finance manager who is the current CEO of the vehicle innovation organization Luminar Technologies.

Besides, Austin Russell, who shaped the organization in 2012, has a current total assets of around $2.4 Billion. The CEO holds 104.7 million portions of his organization, every one esteeming around $23 in the present market.

Furthermore, the way that Austin Russell is only 25 years of age is certifiably not a simple pill to process for some business visionaries. His birthday stays under survey for the time being, however.

Regardless of his young age, Austin Russell has tried sincerely and quick for what he has become today. Since the time his youth, Austin Russell was enlivened by his folks. He was a product advisor in school at 10.

Notwithstanding, the very rich person is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. Neither does he appear to have a sweetheart. Austin Russell is too centered around his business to date right now.

Curated with a creative psyche, Austin was a school dropout of Stanford University. He chose to seek after his fantasy and began his organization in 2012. Starting at 2021, his organization worths around $7.8 billion.