Ayesha Curry Weight Gain Explained Amid Her Pregnancy Rumors

Ayesha Curry’s weight gain reports have been on the web and with her new tweet fans are likewise thinking the entertainer may be pregnant with her fourth kid.

Ayesha Curry is the spouse of NBA player Stephen Curry and a Canadian-American entertainer, cookbook writer, and cookery TV character. She started facilitating her own program, Ayesha’s Homemade (a.k.a. Ayesha’s Home Kitchen), on Food Network subsequent to showing up as a visitor on different TV series and films.


Curry’s culinary vocation started in 2014, in spite of her absence of expert cook preparing when she made her most memorable dinner as a YouTube showing on her channel Little Lights of Mine. Curry has numerous recordings on her YouTube account Little Lights of Mine and has made one cookbook, The Seasoned Life, which was distributed in 2016.

Allow us to study Ayesha Curry and investigate her weight gain and pregnancy reports.

Ayesha Curry Weight Gain 2022 Explored Ayesha Curry doesn’t appear to have put on much weight in 2022.

As a matter of fact, the entertainer stood out as truly newsworthy across the web after she lost almost 16 kg during the quarantine when others were putting on weight sitting at home, she was in the middle of exploring different avenues regarding different diets with different activities to shed a few pounds.

Nonetheless, presently everything has returned to ordinary, she appears to have added back certain pounds however that doesn’t have a lot of effect in her appearance.

Ayesha who was a sensation from the start looks unbelievably lovely in his pictures with her family or in her performance photos.

With reports and hypotheses of her weight gain, netizens have begun thinking the entertainer may be pregnant with her fourth youngster yet are the bits of hearsay valid? how about we see.

Is Ayesha Curry Pregnant 2022? Ayesha Curry isn’t pregnant starting around 2022 with her fourth youngster as indicated by HITC.

The couple share three delightful youngsters in their 11 years of age wedded life, they invited their most memorable kid Riley Elizabeth Curry in 2013, their second kid Ryan Carson Curry in 2016, and their third kid Canon W. Jack Curry in 2019.

The gossipy tidbits about her pregnancy began with a few variables, which incorporated her new weight gain, her tweet, and her better half winning MVP and his group in the NBA finals this year.

Glancing back at the set of experiences, at whatever point her significant other and his group have won the finals, Curry has brought forth their youngsters. She brought forth her two kids in 2015 and 2018 when Steph won the NBA finals.

Her pregnancy reports were built up by her tweet, which got many individuals befuddled and some deciphered her tweet as the declaration of her fourth pregnancy. Anyway, what was in her tweet? allows us to investigate.

Ayesha Curry Tweet Explained Ayesha Curry’s tweet created a ruckus on the web as of late.

After her significant other and his group won the NBA finals, she tweeted, On the menu this evening: SF Hot Pot with a side of Curry GOAT. 💁🏽‍♀️

Yet again this saucy tweet was expected at her better half winning MVP in the NBA finals yet individuals got confounded and thought she was pregnant.

Her tweet has over 11k retweets and almost 100k preferences at the hour of composing this article and individuals are answering to her tweet with excitement.