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Last October, Khai Shien Chow was killed after a quick in and out case in Central Business District in Melbourne. Khai was from Malaysia and functioned as a messenger person for the internet based food requesting organization Doordash.

As indicated by a Doordash representative, he was on a conveyance administration when the disastrous occurrence happened. The executioner Ayse Laz hit Khai’s bike with a supposedly taken Honda Civic vehicle.

She likewise hit a walker as she was fleeing from the scene at the King and La Trobe Street crossing point at 7 pm on October 24, 2020. Khai was declared dead after he was hospitalized that day.

Ayse Leila Laz is the enemy of Doordash rider Khai Shien Chow. She is accounted for to be 21 years of age starting at 2021. After she was indicted for the Melbourne savagery, she was not just accused of homicide.

Laz was accused of careless driving and causing demise, neglecting to end and help, taking a vehicle, driving while suspended, and running a stoplight. Her student’s driving permit was recently suspended for speeding.

She is professed to have submitted offenses while being on bail. The executioner didn’t submit to police requests to stop and opposed specialists while being pursued in the Melbourne rural areas after the accident.

The casualty Khai’s family communicated profound pity for his demise. His mom expressed that she felt remorseful for his internment being in Australia and not in Malaysia.

Laz was captured after she endeavored to run away from the area. She was held in guardianship in the Broadmeadows police headquarters. Her sentence was given to her in her prison cell through a virtual hearing.

The jail sentence of the quick in and out executioner is the greater part her age. She will be in a correctional facility for 11 and a half years. It is accounted for that she was affected by drugs while speeding in the taken vehicle.

She was likewise accused of a crime offense and placing someone else’s life at serious risk.

Her lawyer Avi Furstenberg requested a psychological wellness check after the video assemble conference. Laz got back to court interestingly on March 1, 2021.