BBNaija Season 7: List Of Housemates Up For Possible Eviction On Sunday

On September 11, 2022, six housemates from the Big Brother Naija Level Up series could be thrown out.

Bryan, Phyna, Eloswag, Doyin, Chomzy, and Bella are among the occupants of the home. Following the Head of House contest, in which Hermes was proclaimed the victor, they were totally advanced for expulsion.

During their journal meetings, Biggie had given every flat mate the guidance to propose three different flat mates for expulsion.

Eight flat mates were recently designated, including Chizzy and Rachel, yet as they are the two riders, they can’t be thrown out.

This brought about six housemates — Eloswag, Doyin, Chomzy, Phyna, Bella, and Bryan — being qualified for ousting on Sunday.

Elsewhere in the world, the “Riders” of Big Brother Naija’s “Step Up” release, Chizzy and Rachel, will remain in the house till the end.

On September 6, the show’s makers disclosed this data by means of their Twitter account.

This follows requests from watchers who asked why the two housemates were there since they weren’t “Phony Housemates” and thought about the thing they were doing there.

Review that all through the selection cycle, certain housemates who knew nothing about their situation locally set forward Rachel and Chizzy as contender for removal.

The pair (Rachel and Chizzy) are commonly brought into the journal meeting like others, yet their votes don’t include to keep up with the appearance that they are Housemates.

The show’s makers made it obvious that the two would be in the house until the finish to alleviate watchers’ stresses over when or how they would be thrown out.