Bella and Sheggz Punished By Biggie After Wager Task

Bella and Sheggz have been addressed by Big Brother for their imprudent way of behaving after the BBNaiaja Season 7 housemates’ bet show was fruitful and prompted their triumph in the week 7 bet task. Following the show, Biggie asked Hermes, the top of the house, to examine the one of a kind commitments of every flat mate.

Hermes referenced how everybody teamed up to ensure the mission was effective, in spite of the fact that he made an idea that Sheggz and Bella were not completely involved. Adekunle and Chizzy, he added, didn’t stir up to his assumptions however in any case worked.

Just Shegg and Bella, he guaranteed, were less worried about the bet’s prosperity since they had not completely drilled with them. Bella and Sheggz, in any case, asserted Hermes was lying, yet Biggie, who saw everything, provoked them to request a conciliatory sentiment from everybody in the house for their way of behaving.

Presently, the conciliatory sentiment had replaced the punishment. The housemates who have been contending continually offered their second thoughts to their kindred flat mates, and they were exculpated.