“Best In Begging For Love” — Reactions As Phyna Imposes On Groovy To Declare Feelings For Her

Phyna, a finalist on BBNaija season 7, is presently on Sweet’s neck to see if he truly cherishes her.

Phyna examined Sweet regarding their possibilities of a relationship since she seemed to scrutinize his affections for her.


“The young lady wey you tell say you love no fit treat you the way I dey treat you. You don’t have the foggiest idea about the gold before you. You don’t cherish me, you very much like me,” she said.

Cool with all due respect answered, “You can’t advise me to let you know I love you before we begin dating; connections don’t work like that.”

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Elsewhere in the world, Chomzy, an ex-housemate from BBNaija step up, has whined via online entertainment that her kindred housemate Eloswag is being sent with her.

Chomzy went live on Instagram the previous evening at a party for an ousted housemate. At the point when fans remarked and asked about her association with Eloswag, Chomzy answered immediately saying they are simply companions and that individuals ought to quit delivering them.

Eloswag was remaining close by while she talked.

Recall how Eloswag said a couple of days prior that Chomzy is his genuine romance yet that he fears losing her?

Eloswag, a previous BBNaija competitor who was expelled, recently examined the second he experienced passionate feelings for Chomzy.

Eloswag was addressed by media character Legend Daniels about his relationship with Chomzy and how serious he is with her.

The word is “Love,” as indicated by Eloswag, whose genuine name is Eloka Paul Nwamu, who likewise uncovered that he is truly significant about Chomzy.

He additionally said that when he becomes hopelessly enamored, he behaves like a dad and patronizes her. He additionally uncovered how Chomzy prevailed upon him while they were living respectively.