Big Brother Naija Season 7: Ebuka’s shake up rocks Bella

Bella acknowledged Ebuka’s remark about Shella and contradicted his appraisal of her relationship with Sheggz.

Ebuka went into the House during the previous evening’s Live Eviction Show and stopping to talk with Bella in regards to her relationship with Sheggz. The vawulence ace was interested with respect to why Bella continued to apologize to Sheggz for different things, regardless of the way that during an irate conflict last week that brought about their split, Sheggz had alluded to her in cruel words. Bella battled to find an exit from the circumstance Ebuka had depicted her in by expressing that she really loves Sheggz. She gave off an impression of being a deer trapped in the headlights.

Bella pondered Ebuka’s inquiry after the show closed and examined Sheggz regarding it. Bella’s concerns were alleviated when Sheggz answered, “I wasn’t expecting to see you when I came here. I didn’t expect to become hopelessly enamored, “Bella said that she was as yet confounded with regards to why Ebuka would try and ask that.

Bella imparted to her kindred opponents that Sheggz had never ridiculed her, but she immediately added that he was evolving. He just does it a couple of times, perhaps two times, and he generally apologizes immediately, Bella contended with regards to her situation.