‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Here’s What Went Down in the Latest Veto Competition

Fair warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 24 of Big Brother. Season 24 of Big Brother was looking emotional so far. It didn’t take long for an all-young ladies coalition to frame (which never works, incidentally) and we have more than one houseguest with a guilty conscience as of now.

Yet, what fans need to realize right presently is assuming there are any Veto spoilers for Big Brother 24. Because of the live feeds, a ton of insights regarding the game are delivered to people in general before they come to air. There’s just a single live episode on TV each week, and that implies that watchers frequently realize who wins the Power of Veto, who is designated for ousting, and in some cases who wins Head of Household before we see it on the show.
What’s more, the Week 10 Veto rivalry is the same.


What are the spoilers for ‘Big Brother 24’s most recent Veto service? Michael’s rule of Veto wins finished when he was given the boot during the live twofold expulsion in the Sept. 8 episode. As indicated by the live feeds, the Week 10 Veto victor may really shock fans. Monte is the ongoing HOH and he designated Brittany and Alyssa. Clearly, Brittany won the Veto, and that implies Michael’s previous amigo pulled herself off the block and she lives to battle one more day.

The live feed spoilers for Big Brother likewise say that Monte intends to take care of Taylor on the block. What’s more, he could be confronted with a tie on ousting night. On the off chance that Taylor and Alyssa are on the block, Turner will probably cast a ballot to expel Taylor, while Brittany ought to cast a ballot to remove Alyssa.

Monte will then need to break the tie, which will not be simple for him assuming he chooses to sent Taylor to the jury house and keep the less compromising player, Alyssa.
Watchers considered the manner in which Michael kind of conveyed his collusion with Brittany. They were brought together in the BB Bestie contort and Brittany benefited the most from that. She had the option to stay alright for quite a long time close by.

Until, obviously, they were both placed on the block during the twofold expulsion. The arrangement was to get Michael, a big danger, out of the house, and to attempt to save himself, Michael kind of blamed everything on Brittany in his removal discourse.

The following expulsion episode of ‘Big Brother’ airs on Thursday, Sept. 15. Anything can occur between the Veto service and the live expulsion episode. However, at the present time, it seems as though Monte is in an awkward situation as the season slows down.
From now on, each move in the Big Brother house counts. Get Big Brother on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.