BIGBANG’s Daesung and Taeyang leave YGE, G-Dragon still in discussion

Individuals from one of YG Diversion’s (YGE) amazing icon gatherings, BIGBANG, have chosen to walk separate ways. Early reports on December 26 expressed that Taeyang had chosen not to reestablish his agreement with YGE. The icon has joined THE Dark Mark, YGE’s partner organization established by maker Teddy Park and Kush.

Obviously, the reports sent the K-pop being a fan into a craze. Before adequately long, fans started estimating about the situation with the other two individuals – Daesung and G-Mythical beast. YGE then remarked that they were in consults with the couple about their agreements. Hours after the fact, it was uncovered that Daesung had likewise left the organization.

The end is big information for everybody, taking into account each of the three individuals have been with YG Diversion for more than 16 years. BIGBANG appeared in 2006 and immediately turned into a notable gathering that would be recognized as an achievement act throughout the entire existence of K-pop.

Notwithstanding being in various organizations, the specialists will keep on being a piece of the gathering.

On December 26, 2022, veteran K-pop fans went through a hurricane of feelings as they were hit with the fresh insight about the three excess BIGBANG individuals, Taeyang, Daesung, and G-Mythical beast’s agreements. T.O.P left the organization in February this year, refering to his longing to expand the extent of his singular exercises.

SPOTV originally revealed the news, sharing that Taeyang had left YG Diversion for THE Dark Mark. YGE then made an announcement remarking that they were “really cheerful” to share the news and that Taeyang will in any case be a piece of the YG family and gathering. In the interim, there were likewise bits of gossip about him teaming up with BTS’ Jimin.

THE Dark Mark, YGE’s partner organization, right now addresses specialists like JEON SOMI, ZION.T, and Vince among others.

Hours after the fact, a similar South Korean outlet revealed that Daesung had likewise chosen to leave YGE. In an authority explanation, the office said:

In the mean time, SPOTV likewise revealed that G-Winged serpent, the last BIGBANG part yet in YGE, is at present examining a performance contract with them. Regardless of passing on the gathering to satisfy their own desires, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P are still a lot of a piece of the notable K-pop gathering close by G-Mythical beast.

Before K-pop advanced toward the standard worldwide music industry, BIGBANG was taking big walks in the South Korean industry. BIGBANG was initially a five-part bunch, before Seungri resigned from the gathering and media outlet after his contribution in the notorious Consuming Sun embarrassment in 2019.

With three out of the four leftover individuals leaving from YG Amusement, celebrities’ (the gathering’s being a fan) feelings are normally out of control. Investigate a portion of the responses beneath:
Elsewhere in the world, the gathering got back in the game following four years with the track Still Life in April 2022. Albeit the individuals are currently on various ways, fans can expect to see the gathering rejoin in a couple of years.