Bimbo Ademoye, An Actress, Cheerfully Celebrates Kunle Remi’s Birthday

Airhead Ademoye, a Nollywood entertainer, has composed a sweet birthday note to partner Kunle Remi. As per news reports, the Anikulapo entertainer turns 36 today, October eighteenth.

Airhead praised his birthday by posting a diverting video of him surprising his sweetheart on her birthday while the instrumentalist failed to remember his instruments.

Airhead Ademoye, An Entertainer, Happily Observes Kunle Remi’s Birthday.

She implored her fans to help her in acquiring one for him.

She appealed to God for the celebrant to keep developing, taking note of the amount he merited it.

“If it’s not too much trouble, assist me with searching for a paranran for Saro o.” Alaso ofi from gbongan side piece awarun, olojukokoro someone, would have been child daddy arolake. KR @kunleremiofficial, blissful birthday! Keep on extending my G. You merit it.” “Kunle Remi is appreciative as he praises his 36th birthday celebration.”

On his part, the celebrant had communicated his appreciation for his new age. The entertainer took to Instagram to share some smart photographs.

Kunle Remi pondered how God’s statement became fully awake in his life. Kunle entered the new age with confidence and appreciation to God.

He professes to be half-screen God and half-uncovered human.

“Blissful birthday, KR Oyekunle, Opeyemi, Jeremiah, Terdo, Teslim, Tiwalayo, Oluwasegun also known as Kunle Remi.”

God’s statement became life at 18:10.

God is half human and half screen. God – confidence. Things are being finished. Appreciative”.