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A video showing Johhny Martinez turning into the survivor of a racial assault became a web sensation on Twitter on November 27. Bitsy and her child moved toward him while he was working at a condo checking the vehicle grant.

Then, at that point, they started contending with Martinez regarding the reason why he was there. Bitsy’s child assaulted the laborer while the man was explaining the circumstance, creating an uproar.

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Bitsy Brennan is a UBS monetary administrations representative. UBS is an enormous monetary administrations organization that banks can build their contributions and change their expense structures.

Administrations incorporate market information, business execution, liquidity arrangement, handling, and customer administration. Brennan went to National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., an autonomous Episcopal private day school for young ladies 4 through 12.

The school is situated on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral. Bitsy Brennan and his child both were accused of bigoted claims, and the attack video circulated around the web.

Bitsy Brennan, a lady between the ages of 50 and 60, has occupied with racial separation. She and her child were continually jabbing the laborer in the River House unit. They continued irritating him and enquiring regarding the reason why he was as yet in the loft.

The laborer hung tight for Metro PD for around 40 minutes after the occurrence. He then, at that point, documented a police report and took steps to squeeze charges. There will be no extra updates once that period has gone in light of the fact that the subject is being kept mystery.

The police are examining the issue and figuring out what unfolded and will report their discoveries soon. Bitsy Brennan’s child Edward Brennan was additionally engaged with the evil demonstration of prejudice.

Her child endeavored to attack the person named Johnny Martinez, who was essentially going about his business. Bitsy even called the cops, yet the man had everything recorded, permitting him to demonstrate racial bias and offenses.

The recording of the film has turned into a web sensation over online media. Both the mother and child have been scrutinized for their evil demonstration over various social stages.