BJP says Siddaramaiah will go to jail in de-notification case


Bagalkot, Sep 26 (IANS) The BJP’s state unit president Nalin Kumar Kateel has astonished political circles by expressing that resistance chief Siddaramaiah will be shipped off prison in the de-notice of government land case.

Conversing with correspondents on Monday, that’s what kateel expressed “we will test the Arkavathy de-warning embarrassment which occurred during Siddaramaiah’s residency. Through the Lokayukta upwards of 52 cases will turn out regarding the embarrassment and the people who are engaged with the outrage would be shipped off prison.”

“Previous CM Siddaramaiah will likewise land in prison,” he underlined. “During its residency the Congress government was associated with far and wide debasement. Not just the Arkavathy land outrage, there are illicit acts in the acquisition of pads, beds. Why have the outrages of the Congress party not been examined?” Kateel addressed.

The records connecting with the outrages that occurred during the residency of Siddaramaiah have been disguised. “We need to battle a great deal to recover them,” he pushed.

He asked Siddaramaiah for what valid reason did he shut down the Lokayukta during his residency as the CM? Siddaramaiah controlled fully backed up by the sand mafia and medication mafia. After B S Yediyurappa turned into the CM, the medication mafia was defied and presumed characters were put in a correctional facility, he added.

He expressed that records are being assembled regarding the prohibiting of the Famous Front of India (PFI) and the Social Progressive faction of India (SDPI). He faulted Siddaramaiah for the development of the SDPI and the PFI in the state. “He had reclaimed arguments against the SDPI and PFI laborers blamed for serious wrongdoings. Assuming they had been placed in prison, the circumstance would have been different in Karnataka,” Kateel said.

Siddaramaiah is straightforwardly answerable for the spread of fear exercises in the state, he claimed.

Siddaramaiah and the Congress party have sent off a hostile against the decision BJP particularly Boss Pastor Basavaraj Bommai through the PayCM banner mission. Siddaramaiah as of late said that he has studied regulation and realizes that no legitimate move can be made against him.