‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Stars Unbox Toys Inspired by Their Characters: ‘I’m Taking This Home’

The stars of Wonder Studios’ Dark Puma: Wakanda Perpetually are devotees of the toys roused by their characters. On Friday, Disney and Wonder Studios delivered a video showing Wakanda Perpetually entertainers Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, Tenoch Huerta and Dominique Thorne unpacking items enlivened by the new film, a spin-off of 2018’s Dark Jaguar.

In the video, Duke refers to the unpacking exertion as “one of my #1 pieces of the gig” as he and his costars had some good times flaunting activity figures, LEGO sets, Funko Pop collectibles and different items enlivened by the film. Huerta, who plays the main bad guy Namor in Wakanda Perpetually, wheezes as he looks at an activity figure of his personality.


“I need to have this body,” he jokes. In the unpacking video, Thorne, Gurira, Duke and Huerta all reveal Funko Pop toys of their characters in the film.

“Your head size matches,” Duke said of Gurira and her Funko Pop figure, making the entertainer burst out in giggling. Wright, who plays Shuri in the new film, flaunts a toy variant of “an airplane called the Sunbird, made by Shuri,” while Huerta exhibits a LEGO rendition of his personality and his high position in the submerged realm of Talocan.

“The detail, the Wakandan language … I love it,” Wright says as she flaunts another extra. “I’m bringing this back home!”

“I can keep it, right?” Huerta jokes of his activity figure as the video closes.

Wakanda Perpetually cast part Lupita Nyong’o let Individuals know that she, Wright and Gurira have “encountered a great deal of coexistence.

The general mishmash,” since they initially met some time before Dark Puma, cooperating on Gurira’s Tony-named play Overshadowed.

Wright portrayed their bond as a “sisterhood.” “Our network is truly unshakeable,” she said. “We can detect how each other feel, and that is only a confirmation of the years that we were put together and the encounters that we’ve gone through, particularly with losing [Chadwick Boseman], it just added one more layer of network for us.”

“I feel like in numerous ways it’s permitted us to perceive how it’s critical to love each other and not to get some margin for allowed,” she added.

More items roused by Wonder Studios’ Dark Jaguar: Wakanda Perpetually can be found at Marvel.com.