Bodie The Voice Is The Father Of Three Kids With His Wife Royale Kuljian

Bodie Kuljian from The Voice is hitched and the dad of three children. He made that big appearance during the October 3 episode of The Voice as a component of the continuous Visually impaired Tryouts for season 22.

For his Visually impaired Tryout, the 29-year-old California local does a phenomenal variant of “You Tracked down Me” by The Conflict. The mentors perceive immediately that they have something outstanding in Bodie.

Bodie appears to have prevailed upon the entirety of the adjudicator, and each of the four of the appointed authorities need Bodie in their groups. He has likewise figured out how to win the hearts of the watchers and the watchers need to know him on a more private level.

Name Bodie
Age 29
Place Ladera Ranch, California
Wife Royale Kuljian
Children 3

Californian artist Bodie is initially from Ladera Farm. Bodie’s ability totally shocked the appointed authorities and it didn’t take the adjudicators long to turn each of the four seats around for him.

While we have never seen Blake battle for somebody to join his group, he most certainly needs Bodie reason for the potential Bodie conveys.

2. Bodie Has Been In The Music Business Bodie has recently seen some level of progress in the music business, not at all like a significant number of his different challengers on “The Voice.” The local of California worked with the rapper Grind on numerous tracks and two EPs.

Over 1.3 million plays of two of his tracks have been recorded on Spotify. Any reasonable person would agree that Bodie has been fairly settled in the music business before he joined the arrangements of The Voice. He is incredibly skilled and he can possibly win the show and bring back home the award.

3. Bodie Is The Dad Of Spouse Royale Kuljian’s Children Bodie is hitched to Royale, a photographic artist, and both of them have three children together. Bodie’s relationship status came as a shock to everybody as he looks extremely youthful. He is a family man and he is hoping to become showbiz royalty in the business so he can take legitimate consideration of his youngsters.

4. Blake Selton Needed Bodie In His Group The 29-year-old artist on “The Voice” picked “You Tracked down Me” by The Conflict for his visually impaired tryout execution. With a guitar and smooth, satiny vocals, Bodie gave the melody his own extraordinary touch.

Blake Selton turned his seat similarly as he was completing the principal note. Before long, Camile Cabello, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani went to confront him in their seats. His work in the four-seat divert got only acclaim from the mentors.

Each mentor made a proposition to Bodie about how they could uphold him over the course of his time in the program with an end goal to convince him to join their crew.

5. Bodie Experiences Alopecia Bodie, who has alopecia, said in a video that he utilizes music to the two communicates his thoughts and point out the immune system condition. Bodie loves to utilize music to adapt to his condition.

From the presentation that he gave in The Voice, it truly creates the impression that Bodie loves to perform for nobody else but since of the amount he appreciates it and loves it.

The skilled vocalist truly exhibited his ability and has been showered with adoration and appreciation from around the world.