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Bombies is an American YouTuber and Streamer who began on February 3, 2018, known for her Minecraft content, particularly content about Bed Wars. No, Bombies has not yet done a face uncover.

Any fan who watches and follows Bombies realizes that she has as of late began utilizing her voice on the YouTube stage. She hasn’t utilized or uncovered her voice inspired by a paranoid fear of pushback from the Internet people group, as referenced in her voice uncover video.

The voice uncover was a way for her to grow her social stages and extend to Twitch. The probably face-uncover video was made on September 13, 2018, which tricked numerous watchers as she was beginning and was contending in numerous Minecraft Tournaments.

In any case, as you should know, the video isn’t correct and was made as a joke. Bombies genuine name is Jessica, or “Jess,” as she says her companions call her. She is notable in the Minecraft people group as Bombies as far as concerns her in the different Minecraft Tournaments.

Bombie’s real age has not been uncovered to the general population yet, yet we do realize that she praises her birthday on September 20.

As indicated by YouTube Famdom, Bombies and her companions typically play Bed Wars, which is actually as it sounds. The players look for beds of the adversary players to annihilate and kill the player without a bed.

The bed basically goes about as a bring forth point that respawns the player until the bed is annihilated, similar to a pinnacle protection, however the player is both the safeguard and the offense.

Bombies additionally affirmed that she is 6ft 2in (188cm) in Astelic’s YouTube recordings.

Bombies still can’t seem to acquaint anybody as her sweetheart with the overall population yet.

She hasn’t shed any light on her own life in her recordings and has just refreshed us with her content on Minecraft.

The YouTuber generally plays with Luvonox, Wqlff, Dogcatwhat, Fulp, 1azer, Braiden, and Astelic. The gathering has amassed a 1,100 win streak.

Bombies on Social Media

Bombies still can’t seem to make an Instagram account, and in the event that she has, she is saving it for herself.

The Social Media that Bombies is dynamic on are: YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok. The individual pages are connected in like manner.