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That is the thing with vampires: in spite of the way that they’ve existed for a long time, they don’t age. Furthermore, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, from ace boss Francis Portage Coppola, is a film that is immediately totally of this present time is the best opportunity, with a yield of eminent ’90s capacity (Gary Oldman! Winona Ryder! Keanu Reeves!); yet then again it’s remained ever-enduring, due to Coppola’s rich filmmaking and obligation to sensible effects.

Born 8 November 1847
Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland
Died 20 April 1912 (aged 64)
Pimlico, London, England
Occupation Novelist
Alma mater Trinity College Dublin
Period Victorian era, Edwardian era
Genre Gothic fiction, romantic fiction
Literary movement Dark romanticism
Notable works Dracula
Florence Balcombe

(m. 1878)

Children 1

Yet again by and by, it’s resurrection once more, (vampires will for the most part do that) in a 4K modifying for its 30th celebration – and getting back to the big screen where it ought to be. Check out at the reissue trailer exclusively here:

In case it’s been some time since you’ve watched Francis Portage Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula (as it genuinely should be known), it is an unbelievably flabbergasting gothic horrendousness of fabulous degrees – with a complement on in-camera influences, lavishly quick and dirty sets and remarkable beauty care products to change Gary Oldman into a great many patterns of the world’s most renowned vampire.

Winona Ryder is Mina Murray, the woman pulled in by Drac’s voracious longings, with Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker (he knows where the pretender rests), and the unmatched Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the kind of huge extension, tremendous longing, no restrictions, unbelievably expensive looking detestability that rarely gets made these days – and you can see it back in UK films from 7 October, and in US films on 23 and 27 October at Grasp Events screenings. He doesn’t look a day more than 29.