Brands or companies that want me to erase my face tattoo are not interested in me – DJ Sose

Well known performer DJ Sose as of late thought back on his set of experiences in the Nigerian diversion scene in another meeting.

In a meeting with The Country, the entertainer examined the legends around his face tattoo and a big motivator for it.

DJ Sose answered that brands or organizations who believe he should dispose of his face tattoo weren’t at any point keen on him in any case when asked what it would take to do as such.

He said; “I have had my face inked beginning around 2007, so any brands or organizations that believe I should eradicate my tattoo implies they are not keen on me.

They simply need to utilize me. It is the same way how I’m not endorsed to any record mark, I’m independent.

Since right currently it’s a situation where I have constructed my image to where a record mark can’t say, ‘I maintain that you should be under us’.

No, it would be an organization and not working under you.  My image is sufficiently able to remain all alone, on the off chance that not sufficient means I won’t be here.”

When inquired as to whether individuals get frightened when they see him with his face tattoo, he said accordingly; “Indeed, Individuals dread anything they don’t have any idea.

Those that dread it do so in light of the fact that it’s something new and their brains can’t deal with it, while for other people, it’s an instance of interest. So it comes down to the person.

Indeed, I’ve gone to where grown-ups and youngsters were hesitant to such an extent that they avoided me. Yet, it’s fine, I wouldn’t fret. It is their perspective and they are qualified for it.”


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On what it addresses, DJ Sose said; “It is the African embellishments, the Afro-Metropolitan outfits, and the tattoo.

Everything means the solidarity of my starting points, which are that I am half Nigerian and half Hungarian.

I was additionally taking a gander at something that one could use to remember me. It’s a situation where everyone needs something to make them stand apart from the group.

“At the point when I initially began, I had comparative blending styles to one more DJ who was at that point laid out in the business so individuals were continuously stirring me up with him.

Anyplace I went, individuals generally confused me with me, so I needed to sort out something that would make me stand apart from the group.”

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