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The police have accused Brian Kitts of extortion who is a Summerland occupant. Additionally, his better half faces similar charges. Every year a huge number of individuals lose their cash in Ponzi Scheme and Pyramid Scheme. A similar occurred in Canada this year. A wedded couple, Brian Kitts and Shannon Kitts, were captured in Canada for running a Ponzi conspire.

Brian Kitts from Summerland is a supposed extortion. On March 2021, the Canadian police captured Brian Kitts and his significant other for extortion. A few was purportedly running a Ponzi Scheme from Calgary. Moreover, the examination was conveyed by the Alberta RCMP Integrated Market Enforcement Team.

Brian’s age is 65 years of age. Moreover, Brian Kitts was working the business under the name Vesta Capcorp Inc. furthermore, Vesta Equity Partners. Additionally, RCMP accuses Brian Kitts of misrepresentation, burglary, and washing.

Brian Kitts’ better half is Shannon Kitts. Indeed, Brian and Shannon were running the Ponzi conspire together. Shannon is 55 years of age in age. Then again, data about Brain Kitts’ youngsters and other relatives is scant until further notice. They are presently keeping up quietness with respect to the case.

Brian and Shannon even purchased a Condo in Vancouver with the misrepresentation cash. Additionally, they likewise guided some fortune in a bar in Arizona. Moreover, two or three was likewise exercise center monstrosities with incredibly strong bodies.

Brian Kitts’ Instagram is right now inaccessible. Because of his genuine case, he is right now looking after security. Then again, Brian and Shannon are isolated to show up in court on April 12. Similarly, the examination of the case is as yet going on.

Between 2014 to 2016, Brian Kitts’ total assets added $5.3 million USD. As per reports, he gathered cash from 20 distinct financial backers. Then again, he guaranteed his accomplices 20% consequently. Nonetheless, financial backers never got the cash back.