BTS’ V and Park Seo-joon’s variety show reportedly releasing in February 2023

The much-anticipated theatrical presentation of Na PD highlighting BTS’ V, Park Search engine optimization joon, Choi Charm shik, Lee Website design enhancement jin, and Jung Yoo-mi will purportedly be delivered one month from now in February.

As per South Korean outlet Star News, the series is named Website design enhancement Jin and will incorporate portion of the Wooga Crew with Na PD, otherwise known as Na Youthful suk. The chief maker accomplished acclaim with a few famous reality-theatrical presentations, like 2 Days and 1 Evening, New Excursion toward the West, Youn’s Visit, and that’s just the beginning.

Search engine optimization Jin, a side project of Youn’s Visit, will see a larger part of the cast get back except for Youn Yuh-jung, as her dates with the show and Pachinko 2 conflicted.

Nonetheless, it is to be noticed that BTS’ V’s consideration in the cast has not yet been formally affirmed by either the organization channel or the cast and team of the show.

A big part of the Wooga Crew individuals will supposedly be welcoming audiences at another theatrical presentation set in Mexico. The gathering is comprised of Park Web optimization joon, Choi Charm shik, BTS’ V, Park Hyung-sik, and Peakboy.

While the initial two have proactively shown their kinship in Youn’s Visit, BTS’ V was accounted for to have gone along with them in the impending side project.

Star News’ most recent report expressed that the hit teeny-bopper group part joining Na PD’s show, Website design enhancement Jin, is the consequence of the exceptional ticket he got during The Game Cooks X Run BTS unique episodes delivered in 2021. On December 7, network channel tvN answered beginning reports expressing V’s component in the forthcoming show by saying:

“Kindly check out the show when it airs to find out. We request your figuring out concerning the way that, for a protected and smooth shoot, we can’t affirm substantial subtleties.”
Also, Search engine optimization Jin is supposed to communicate in the ideal time seeing space on Fridays. This is not entirely set in stone subsequent to taking a gander at the examples of Na PD’s past popular shows’ transmission timings, like New Excursion toward the West, Youn’s Kitchen, and Youn’s Visit, among others.

The impending cycle is a side project of Na PD’s famous theatrical presentations, Youn’s Kitchen and Youn’s Visit. The previous was delivered in 2017 and the last option, its side project spin-off, was delivered in 2021.

The series is about renowned characters running a café in an alternate nation or city. As the pandemic hit, Youn’s Visit’s creation was restricted to South Korea, however the famous people took special care of outsiders.

Project individuals from season 1 included Youn Yuh-jung, Shin Goo, Lee Web optimization jin, and Jung Yu-mi. The spin-off saw everybody return aside from Shin Goo. Park Website design enhancement joon was then added as the new part. Every one of the four individuals partook in Youn’s Visit alongside new expansion Choi Charm shik.

The cast of Search engine optimization Jin has expanded to five individuals, with the most current expansion being BTS’ V. The show is presently being shot in Mexico. As is custom with one being the proprietor of the eatery, Lee Web optimization jin will be taking over as the new chief. Prior shows saw Youn Yuh-jung playing the proprietor.

Yet again assumptions for Search engine optimization Jin are normally high, as audiences anticipate to see BTS’ V join his companions and Na PD for an invigorating new show.