Buchi has ended over alleged domestic violence from his wife

Famous Nigerian joke artist, Onyebuchi Ojieh, otherwise called Buchi has finished over supposed aggressive behavior at home from his better half. Buchi and Rukky got hitched in 2017. They have two kids together.

Famous Instagram blogger, Substance Sweethearts has affirmed that things have gone to pieces for the couple and the middle can never again hold. As per Substance Darlings, Rukky is exceptionally vicious and she’s notable in their neighborhood for her brutality.


Substance Darlings stated, “Jokester Buchi marriage raises a ruckus around town as spouse moves out of their home over Homegrown vio*lence palava and unfollow one another, this time around it’s not the man been vi*olent, it’s the woman that is extremely unstable, them even sabi them for their domain, Naso this angel Dey dis*grace the person all over, as it is currently she has moved out and relatives are attempting to mediate. I come in harmony”

Kemi Filani News reviews that Joke artist Buchi at some point in February 2021, related how security work force supposedly attacked his significant other.

The jokester spread the word about this in a visit with Punch while responding to a viral video where his significant other, Rukky was being captured by men of the Nigeria Police Power.

“I would have zero desire to go into it yet I will simply need to say that every one of the charges are lies. We had a squabble with the bequest since one of the security men beat up my niece. My more youthful brother battled the fellow and they fined us,” he said.

“I differ in light of the fact that we expected to go into the justification behind the squabble; the security individuals bothered an occupant. They shouldn’t fine me on the grounds that my more youthful brother guarded my niece as I was not around when it worked out. They fined us and I said that isn’t correct.”

“I started legitimate activity and I informed the home that I will prosecute the matter. They expressed that since I was prosecuting the bequest, they won’t give power. I’m nowhere to be found and I had proactively told my significant other not to raise any hell with them.” The comic proceeded to uncover that after his family became awkward with the intensity created by the absence of force supply, his better half went to defy the leader of the domain affiliation.

“Because of the Coronavirus pandemic courts are not sitting so we can’t initiate any activity. I have a ten-year-old girl and the intensity was getting horrendous for her so my significant other went to request that they ought to give reestablish the power, that was essential for the video on the web, this drove her to go to the home affiliation president’s home,” he added.

“I think what caused the issue was that she went to the bequest affiliation president’s home and she said that she and her kids wouldn’t leave until they reestablished the power.”

“That caused everything. During the time spent attempting to discharge her, they got into a squabble. My more youthful brother needed to step in. The president cried foul to the individuals from the affiliation and it transformed into a crowd and they began mistreating my better half. They went on to obliterate her vehicle. I have video proof.”

“I’m asking, what did her vehicle do to them? Presently, I’m nowhere to be found yet I have been settling on decisions. They took her to the police headquarters yet I had the option to get her out the previous evening. My better half never humiliated me out in the open. She didn’t rest at the police headquarters. It was a posse facing my significant other.”

It was affirmed that the jokester’s significant other, Rukky pestered the bequest security staff and vandalized things for which she was charged N700,000 by the home.