Buk Buk, A 22-Year-Old Man Arrested For the Killing of Aaron Lowe


Buk, additionally known by his complete name Buk Mawut Buk has come into court as he was accused of the endeavor to kill football player Aaron Lowe. This article will investigate this peculiar case and the purposes for the disturbed attack.

At a Party in Sugar House, the football player Aaron lost his life after a big battle was started; he was shot. In spite of the clinical expert’s enormous rush, they couldn’t save the football player’s life. The entire world grieved the demise of the capable youthful hotshot anticipating a heavenly vocation.


Witnesses apparently educated specialists that Lowe, Buk, and others differ before Lowe’s vehicle right away before the shooting. Fuamoli Pomale, 20, and an observer guaranteed that they had been endeavoring to diffuse the battle when a person, who might in this way be recognized as Buk, went across the road and started terminating.

Buk, A 22-Year-Elderly person Captured For the Killing of Aaron Lowe
At the point when the football player Aaron Lowe was killed, there was an earnestness shown by the Utah Police to get the executioner. At first, the superb suspect for the situation Buk had said that he was not at the Party, which prompted the passing of the famous football player.

However, in the wake of paying attention to the meetings of witnesses and the serious derivation of the case, Buk was accused of various charges, exasperated murder, endeavored disturbed murder, ownership of a gun by a confined individual, and block of equity.

On Wednesday, charges were recorded against the 22-year-elderly person associated with lethally shooting College of Utah football player Aaron Lowe during a home Party in September.

Exasperated murder allegations in Utah are deserving of capital punishment whenever viewed as liable. After the starter hearing for the situation, the arraignment will choose.

A reasonable justification report introduced for the situation expresses that Buk and other unwanted guests were approached to take off from the Sugar Local Party where Lowe, 21, was killed. The Salt Lake Tribune as of late got an underlying contact report guaranteeing “a few battles” the entire night at the Party and that “the host began constraining individuals out.”

Lowe endeavored to move his vehicle, as indicated by Pomale, yet four guys wouldn’t escape the way. One more observer answered to the Police that they noticed Buk take a weapon from a partygoer situated in a connected carport. As per the observer, the occurrence “occurred in no time” as Buk left the carport with the weapon.

Investigate The Life And Vocation Of Aaron Lowe: Gone Too early
Aaron Lowe was just 21 years of age when he was shot to death by Buk. The Party Aaron went to end up being his end as he and various others got into a contention that began to detonate as firearms were pulled out.

Aaron was a gifted footballer who was giving enormous indications of progress as of late. He was anticipating an exceptionally fruitful vocation, yet he couldn’t have ever it.

A partygoer who recorded pieces of the discharges. As per the indictment desk work, the picture portrays a man going across the road while raising his palm to his stomach. It seemed as though he was grasping a “dull thing.” The video caught two discharges after he left the shot.

Before long, it uncovers the man remaining before Lowe and Pomale, lying on the ground in a recreation area.