California man charged after video footage shows him stealing dog through window of parked car


A California man is having to deal with penalties after observation film showed him removing a canine from a left vehicle last week.

In a Facebook post, the Irvine Police Division said a little canine by the name of “Mookie” was taken out of a vehicle in the College Town Center parking garage on Friday, Sept. 16.

Investigators found reconnaissance video that showed a man approach the vehicle on its back traveler side, apparently converse with the canine and afterward take the canine through an open window in 40 seconds or less.

The man in the video was subsequently recognized as 38-year-old Lord Choi, of Fullerton, California.

Police said Mookie’s proprietor posted about the occurrence on a pet recuperation site.

Choi then, at that point, connected with the proprietor and purportedly said his flat mate got back home with a canine matching Mookie’s depiction, and he would return him for a little charge.

The proprietor consented to meet with Choi to get the canine.

When Choi showed up at the area with Mookie, officials captured him and accused him of terrific robbery.

Choi started collaborating with the canine through the vehicle prior to grabbing it up. “Mookie” was taken out of the vehicle in the College Town Center parking area. Irvine police said a cheerful Mookie was securely gotten back to his loved ones.