Calls From the Inside on ID: What happened to Robert Fingerhut?


A regarded Howland, Ohio, occupant, Robert Fingerhut was a glad proprietor of two transport stations until December 2001, when he was found shot to death at the home he imparted to his separated from spouse, Donna Roberts.

The occurrence at first appeared as though a messed up burglary until specialists investigated Roberts’ life and found a confounded circle of drama including a sentenced criminal. Reports expressed such Fingerhut’s reality insurance contracts worth a great many dollars filled in as the ideal rationale in murder.

An impending episode of Calls From Within on ID will return to the case this Tuesday. The episode, named Passing by Diva, airs on the channel at 9 pm ET on Walk 7, 2023.

In December 2001, Robert Fingerhut was found shot to death in the kitchen of the Howland home he imparted to Donna Roberts, his separated from spouse, who was quick to track down the scene.

The couple met in 1980 and wedded not long after, yet their marriage was brief. They stayed together notwithstanding and were supposedly in an open relationship at the hour of the episode.

Roberts settled on a 911 decision to the Trumbull Province specialists just after 12 PM on December 12. She was crazy during the call and let specialists know that something was the issue with her better half.

As referenced above, specialists on call found Robert Fingerhut’s body in the kitchen close to the carport entryway upon appearance. A dissection later affirmed that the casualty was shot a few times in the head, chest, and back. He additionally endured slashes and scraped spots on his left hand and head. The reason for death not entirely settled to be a deadly shot injury to the head.

In the hours after the episode, specialists saw Roberts’ abnormal attitude and considered it dubious. They in this way learned about her relationship with a man named Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson.

Donna Roberts guaranteed that she was dating Nate Jackson for a considerable length of time and that he used to call and keep in touch with her from jail. She let specialists know that she keep going saw him on December 9 while getting him from the Lorain Remedial Organization and dropping him off at a house in Youngstown. She further uncovered that she keep going addressed him on the morning of December 11.

In any case, telephone records and other proof found during the examination embroiled Roberts and her then-beau, Jackson. Specialists likewise found Robert Fingerhut’s unwanted vehicle nearby to the area where Roberts guaranteed she dropped Jackson off in the wake of getting him from jail a couple of days before the shooting episode happened.

In addition, specialists found letters divided among Roberts and Jackson while the last option was in jail, which recommended that they were anticipating killing Fingerhut after Jackson was set free from jail.

“Never need to stress over excuse to him, since he will never again be with us after 12-10-01.”

Specialists thought that Donna Roberts purchased Nate Jackson gloves and a veil and later let him into the house so he could execute the arrangement. Reports likewise expressed that the previous endeavored to mislead the police by implying that Fingerhut’s homicide could have been committed by one of his male accomplices.

In view of the proof found, the two Roberts and Jackson were captured. She was sentenced for complicity in disturbed murder, bothered thievery, and exasperated theft and condemned to death.

In the mean time, Jackson was viewed as at real fault for exasperated murder, disturbed burglary, and irritated thievery and was likewise condemned to death.