Cardi B Sounds Off on Rising Grocery Prices in Her Neighborhood: ‘What the F— Is Going On?’

Cardi B has a comment about costly staple costs. On Wednesday, the “I Like It” rapper, 30, shared a swearword video on Twitter making sense of why she is shouting out about food expansion.

In the tweet subtitled “PSA!!!!”, the artist discusses her displeasure regarding staple costs and why she is disturbed in spite of “finding true success.” “Allow me to let you know something when I be whining about food costs and you motherf — ers be like ‘Ain’t you rich? For what reason would you say you are whining about lettuce? For what reason are you whining about this?'” she says toward the beginning of the video. “That simply shows individuals that when you become fruitful when you got cash, you will lose everything soon in light of the fact that you all not planning.”

The Grammy Grant winning craftsman then makes sense of how she sees an outline of her week after week spending and has been seeing that the expenses for basic food items have been expanding. “While I’m beginning to see that everyday food items is significantly increasing up it resembles ayo what the f — is going on? I want to see with my own eyes what the f — s — is being spent on,” the Bronx local says.

She tells fans she went to the supermarket. “Lettuce that was $2 two or three months prior is presently f — ing $7, obviously, I will say something. The f — ? I believe that s — is insane,” reaffirming another tweet she posted Tuesday about the cost of lettuce. In 2022, staple and menu costs rose 10.6%, as per the Agency of Work Measurements.

Production network issues, the conflict in Ukraine, and weather conditions issues have all had an impact in the increasing expenses.

A few supporters have scrutinized Cardi B for being engaged with the discussion. One Twitter client stated, “Young lady you rich as damnation cut the rubbish you not one of us no more” and one more remarked, “Would you confirm or deny that you are a tycoon?”

However, these remarks won’t stop the rapper, as indicated by her video, who trusts that her enormous fanbase and extensive range will better the circumstance.

“I can barely comprehend what working class individuals or individuals in the hood is motherf — ing thinking so yes I will say something, the f — ? What’s more, I have a big stage so I truly do need anyone that is mindful of these f — ing costs to put that s — the f — down. They going to see my s — – they could put it down so closed the… ” she says before she removes the video.

In more joyful news for the craftsman, her family spent the Christmas season together. The “WAP” rapper and Offset were joined by their kids — 4-year-old Kulture Kiari and 16-month-old Wave Set, as well as Counterbalanced’s 13-year-old child Jordan — on a ski outing to Big SNOW American Dream on Dec. 29.

The Migos rapper shared a few pictures from the spot, which is an indoor genuine snow ski and snowboard focus. In the photos from their family outing, Offset, 31, and the two young men are decked out in winter gear. “The explanation I have to go hard,” Offset subtitled an Instagram post of himself with two of his youngsters.