Cardo Dalisay Death Left Many Ang Probinsyano Fans Mourning, Tribute On Twitter


Cardo Dalisay, the primary hero of the longest-running activity wrongdoing show Ang Probinsyano, apparently died on June 2, 2022. What was his passing reason? We should investigate everything about the Filipino entertainer.

Dalisay, who goes by the genuine name, Ricardo B. Dalisay, in the series, was one of the most popular characters in the series. The person was played by a well known Filipino entertainer, Coco Martin.

Dalisay, the principal character of the series, has an extremely profound association with the audience. At first, fans accepted that the Dalisay was undying, in any case, presently, the series has made a fascinating turn.

With his passing, fans feel that the series might reach end soon. Fans on Twitter have shown blended responses. A few fans imagine that the person is undying, and we can see a similar person in the following season.

What Was Cardo Dalisay Death Cause? Ang Probinsyano Character At this point, Cardo Dalisay’s demise cause is by all accounts a discharge. Dalisay was the fundamental person of Ang Probisyano for the beyond six seasons.

Cardo entered the series as the twin brother of Ador De Leon, a minor hero who was shot dead by a bad cop. After his passing, Cardo was depicted as the fundamental hero of the series.

Dalisay was displayed as a very much lively cop who disdained hoodlums and had a shot attitude. However, presently, the fundamental person is dead, and the series might end soon.

The fans have shared their failure on Twitter. At present, Cardo is moving all around the web, and the June 2 episode of the series establishes another standard as simultaneous watchers break 251,000 on Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN’s YouTube channel.

Cardo Dalisay’s Wife And Tribute Cardo Dalisay’s better half is Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay, played by Yassi Pressman.

Alyana is a previous journalist and Cardo’s most memorable spouse. In any case, Alyana harbors disdain over Cardo after he picked his main goal over her. She has been depicted as an empathetic and charitable lady.

Dalisay picked Alyana as he found her solid and a daring individual, who can assist him with finishing his missions. Be that as it may, after Cardo’s passing, how Alyana will answer is as yet a secret.

Cardo Dalisay’s Family Details The vast majority of the relatives of Cardo Dalisay are now dead.

Cardo’s twin brother, Ador de Leon, was killed first. Then, at that point, after different individuals from Cardo’s family step by step died. Be that as it may, the series has zeroed in next to no on Cardo’s family foundation.