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On August 23, 2021, Carla Yellowbird went surprisingly missing from Fort Totten, North Dakota. She had planned to get back after a brief excursion to Spirit Lake Indian Reservation.

Nonetheless, Yellowbird didn’t connect with anybody after that. Shockingly, the cop tracked down her dead a couple of months after.

Carla Yellowbird from Dateline tribute was distributed after her missing body was found in 2016.

Carla was the niece of specialist Lissa Yellowbird. Lissa is an official who has long periods of involvement looking for missing Indigenous individuals.

Inside 4 days of her hunt, Lissa discovered numerous pieces of information to the case. Clearly, Carla Yellowbird had gone with her person companion named Suna Guy and his sweetheart.

In any case, Suna had different plans. He had ganged up with another man named Dakota Charboneau to ransack her. Dakota then, at that point asked Daylin St. Pierre to join the theft.

Unfortunately, the following morning, Daylin killed Yellowbird in course of plundering her. Carla was only 27 years in age.

Carla Yellowbird story doesn’t have a Wikipedia to date.

She was a sort and liberal soul who had a place with the Native American people group. At the point when she disappeared, she had conveyed a clothing bushel and a gym bag.

Evidently, the burglars had shot her and hauled her body in some brush. They had even consumed Yellowbird’s things. In any case, the police discovered Carla’s remaining parts on September 23, 2016, on Spirit Lake Indian Reservation.

In 2019, the court accused Daylin and Dakota of homicide, intrigue to burglary, and utilization of a gun. Both Daylin and Dakota got 27.5 and 50 years in jail individually.

Carla Yellowbird’s beau never approached looking into it.

Indeed, even Carla Yellowbird’s folks and family stayed quiet from the get go.

It is affirmed that Yellowbird was battling with illicit drug use and surprisingly experienced some lawful difficulties with meth use. In this way, her family would not like to discuss the case publically because of the shame about drug use among native individuals.

Carla’s family members avoided needing her to be generalized as a medication client. Yet, auntie Lissa posted about her missing on Facebook.

It was not difficult to track down proof after the case became public via web-based media. The story was intensely watched in most recent Dateline scene.