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Carlos Coy is most notable for his stage name SPM was a rapper, arranger, and the originator of Dope House Records from Texas. He was additionally a sentenced sex guilty party.

He got his stage name from the South Park neighborhood of Houston, Texas, where he grew up. ‘You Know My Name’ and ‘High So High’ are two of his hits.

Carlos Coy, the rapper, dieed in jail. He was seen as liable of irritated rape of a 9-year-old kid in 2001 and condemned to 45 years in jail.

While carrying out a prison punishment, he was found dead in his quarters at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas. In spite of the reality, that Carlos is expected for parole in 2024, he is booked to be delivered on April 8, 2047.

Carlos Coy otherwise known as SPM’s better half is Gina Acosta. There is no data about the date on which they got hitched. Yet, several has been honored with three kids Carley Coy, Jordan Dominique Odom, and Carlos Coy.

Talking about his other relatives, his dad Arturo is a previous Marine from Falfurrias, Texas. However there isn’t a lot of data in regards to his mom, we do realize she exited school to wed Arturo, his dad.

Their marriage, nonetheless, didn’t work out as arranged, and they separated from three years after Carlos’ introduction to the world. He has two kin sister Sylvia and sibling Arthur with whom he grew up with.

The rapper Carlos Coy was 51 years of age born on the fifth of October in 1970 in Houston. Prior to joining up with the music magnet program at Welch Middle School, he went to an assortment of elementary schools. In 1987, he was a 10th grader at Milby High School when he was ousted.

SPM later got his GED and joined up with San Jacinto Junior College to seek after a business partner’s certificate, yet he bombed his classes in general.  Following his disappointment, he in this manner worked for insignificant cash at a substance business however wound up losing his employment. After, SPM went house to house selling scent and proceeding to sell rocks.