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Caroline Kaufman guaranteed Jeffrey Epstein physically pestered and assaulted her when she was 17. For the individuals who don’t recall, Epstein was an American socialite, agent, and indicted sex wrongdoer.

He was captured on July 6, 2019, for the sex dealing of underage young ladies. He committed suicide in his prison cell on August 10, 2019, while anticipating preliminary on sex dealing charges.

Caroline Kaufman approached in 2020 and blamed Jeffrey Epstein for assaulting her at 17 years old. Ms. Kaufman met him for a trick model projecting where Epstein violently attacked her at his New York chateau.

Caroline asserted she was drawn nearer by a lady named Susan Hamblin, a year prior to the awful episode for a potential displaying project. Susan called her a year after the fact to the ‘regal party’ where Kaufman additionally met Prince Andrews. In any case, she guaranteed that the Prince did nothing incorrectly to her.

Further, Epstein later called her and requested that she strip for her demonstrating meeting. Kaufman thought he expected to see her body for demonstrating. Yet, the supposed pedophile got her and nailed her to the ground. Kaufman attempted to get away and called for help, yet proved unable.

The occurrence left her with a genuine bone infection that requires costly a medical procedure. She experienced osteomyelitis and created self-destructive contemplations.Kau fman guaranteed she has cuts and wounds everywhere on her arms because of Epstein as she attempted to commit suicide.

In addition, she sued Epstein’s state for a large portion of a billion with the goal that different casualties might be urged to shout out and furthermore, she could go through her medical procedure.

Caroline Kaufman’s age is 27 years of age. However, her exact birth subtleties and birth month are not yet accessible. Presently, Caroline Kaufman is a craftsman in Los Angeles.A large portio n of her works depend on her horrible involvement in Jeffrey Epstein.

As a craftsman, Kaufman’s total assets might be as far as a large number of dollars. Furthermore, Kaufman referenced she imagined to turn into a model and work with ponies and everything. After her appalling experience with Epstein, her life went on a descending winding.

She turned into a stripper at 18 years old and went into the pornography business. Caroline Kaufman couldn’t be followed on Instagram or some other online media handles like Twitter. It appears Kaufman likes to avoid online media consideration.