Cassandra Feuerstein Case Who Is She? Injury Photos As Michael Hart Police Officer Arrested


Cassandra Feuerstein was captured by the police in the year 2013. She was accused of driving impaired. Feuerstein who was placed into the jail had recorded a suit against the Skokie Police Department. She asserts that her common right was disregarded by the police specialists.

Who Is Cassandra Feuerstein? Her Wikipedia Cassandra Feuerstein is a 57-year-elderly person from Chicago. Illinois. The woman was recently confined and held in a holding cell for driving impaired by the Skokie Police Department. She then, at that point, guaranteed that she was attacked while in authority after her DUI capture.

Subsequent to heading over to the roadside and nodding off at the worst possible time, Feuerstein was brought into the prison. Starting around 2022, Cassandra Feuerstein’s whereabouts are not known. In any case, her physical issue pictures are as yet being shared on the Internet.

Cassandra Feuerstein Injury Photos Searched On Internet The injury photographs of Cassandra Feuerstein were distributed on the Internet after her claim.

The photos show her right piece of the face completely enlarged after injury. She had cracked a facial bone, lost a few teeth, and had a profound cut all over.

As per sources, she had endured nerve harm and needed to go through facial reproduction medical procedure after the episode. The clinical report likewise showed that she endured vision and dental issues since the injury.

An observation video likewise shows Feuerstein interfacing with an official. She is seen requesting that an official call her significant other and kids.

A couple of moments later, Officer Michael Hart calls her out of the bars, and he is seen foiling Feuerstein back in the phone. Following this, she is face-first to an established seat. The remainder of the clasp show, that she is assisted by two officials, as she drained on the floor.

The Surveillance video of Feuerstein’s Arrest has been taken out by Facebook. In any case, on Twitter, we can in any case discover a portion of the strings connected with the episode.

Cassandra Feuerstein Case: Was Michael Hart Police Officer Arrested For Assault? Official Michael Hart was condemned to two years probation by Judge Matt Coghlan. He was then arranged hung on a $75,000 bond.

He was charged for supposedly pushing a lady and with crimes regarding an occurrence got on record. At the point when the town reported that Hart would be terminated, Hart additionally left the Skokie Police Department, where he served for over 19 years. The Chicago suburb likewise paid around $875,000 to Cassandra and her loved ones.