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Frederick Cecil McLean was a most needed American crook. The US Marshals were after him starting around 2005 however he went on a run for quite a long time.

In the midst of it, Cecil utilized different false names and lived in various networks. Albeit the marshals announced him an outlaw promotion were looking for him ceaselessly, they didn’t think that he is alive.


Frederick had died and his body was found by the neighbor on 6 November 2021. At the point when she tracked down it, the body had begun decaying.

The specialists took his body for posthumous and his demise is brought about by regular reasons. Likewise, they discovered that he was an outlaw subsequent to coordinating with his unique mark in the police data set.

Frederick Cecil McLean isn’t highlighted on Wikipedia.

In any case, his subtleties can be found on the U.S Marshal’s true site. He was a white male with a tallness of 5 feet 11 inches.

Cecil weighed around 77 kg and had hazel-shaded eyes and earthy colored hair. He was on the run from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department beginning around 2005.

The police couldn’t confine him and accordingly, he joined the U.S Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted Fugitive rundown in 2006. He was being looked for a considerable length of time of rape.

During his run, McLean lived in Poughkeepsie, New York, and Anderson and utilized various monikers. Nonetheless, throughout the previous 15 years, he was living in South Carolina as James Fitzgerald.

The police not set in stone to deal with him. Be that as it may, they couldn’t observe him and the case turned cold until his body was recuperated.

US Marshals Fugitive, Frederick Cecil McLean’s dead body was found on 6 November 2021.

His real date of death is obscure yet he was 70 years old. He died at his home in Southern California where he resided as James Fitzgerald.

Cecil’s body was breaking down and it was found by one of his neighbors. They quickly called the specialists and the police did an examination on 15 November.

In the interim, the specialists directed a fingerprints investigation test. From that point onward, it was observed that the dead man was an outlaw who was being looked for instances of rape.

According to NBC Chicago, there was no treachery and Frederick died of normal causes. Ideally, his demise will give genuinely necessary conclusion to the people in question.

Frederick Cecil McLean carried out grievous wrongdoings for a very long time.

He attacked youthful females and kids under 18 years old. As of not long ago, no less than eight casualties have approached.

McLean chose his casualties through his cooperation with individuals in the congregation. At the point when his violations were accounted for, he ran with $100,000 in real money.

Cecil was needed for kid attack and unlawful trip to keep away from arraignment. Additionally, the award of up to $25,000 was set to track down him.

According to the reports, one of his casualties (presently a grown-up) was attacked in excess of multiple times before she turned 13 years of age.