Chandaliea Lowder Release Date Update 2021: Murder Trial, Where Is She Today?


Chandaliea Lowder is a mother of two kids who served 18 years in jail for killing her kid’s molester. Her story has been included in a wrongdoing narrative ‘snapped’ last year. The episode got great appraisals and audiences identified with the indicted executioner.

Netizens are interested with regards to where the benevolent and bold mother is today. Here is a report on her whereabouts in 2022 and further life plans.

Chandaliea Lowder Release Date Update 2021 Chandaliea Lowder’s delivery date was January 2021. As she trusted that Thomas Vogt Jr. physically attacked her kid, killed him. Everybody realized Lowder was very defensive with regards to her youngsters and didn’t allow an ounce to hurt them.

In any case, the homicide was very surprising as the killed was a teen. It is as yet a discussion that was killing your little girl’s molester an undeniable take or something that went excessively far.

She had shot Vogt with the assistance of two men Michael McDowell and Jason Sullivan, however the casualty endure then, at that point. It was in 2008 when he died in Phoenix, Arizona specialists uncovered that the reason passing of death was the injury connected with the shooting.

Chandaliea Lowder Murder Trial Chandalia Lowder was accused of first-degree murder and served 18 years in prison. Regardless, the casualty’s folks needed capital punishment for the mother which was not supported by the investigators.

As per Vogt’s. father, it was the least they could want as guardians. Despite the fact that he was not killed at the primary, the shooting pretty much made him a dead body with the breath. Going through pressure and mental injury for quite a long time, he at last gave his life. With this, it isn’t referenced in the event that the family needed to say anything regarding the rape on a young lady by their child.

Where Could Chandaliea Lowder Now be? Chandaliea Lowder is free now subsequent to finishing her charges in 2021. There is a GoFundMe page for her where individuals are requesting help for her to endure her days ahead including for the court charges.

The page has been made by Melissa Martz, who is a backer and a mother. With an enthusiastic slogan, which advises you to top off the mother’s shoes, the objective is to reach $26000 however tragically, just $1655 has been gathered till now.