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A great many people know Mary O Connor as the ex of the veteran Irish writer and telecaster, Charlie Bird. Charlie is the previous boss information and Washington journalist of RTÉ News and Current Affairs. He started his news coverage venture with RTÉ during the 1970s and resigned on 26 August 2012. In 2002, He got a privileged doctorate from University College Dublin.

Since his retirement, he accepted the position of a narrative creator. He additionally chipped away at a couple of composing projects. On 27 October 2021, Charlie unveiled that he got determined to have Motor Neuron Disease. It is an unprecedented condition with no fix that influences the cerebrum and nerves. He additionally said that he stowed away from his companions at RTÉ for quite a while.

Mary O Connor is the main spouse of the columnist Charlie Bird. The two got hitched in 1974 and had two children together. Besides, she was the one to rouse her ex to seek after communicate news-casting. Notwithstanding, the two remaining one another, which came to be after Charlie’s long-lasting undertaking with Carole Coleman (present spouse since May 2016).

Mary’s youngsters are generally grown-ups, to say, she is a grandmother now. Whatsmore, she and her better half appear to have common obligations towards their kids.

Despite the fact that their marriage met a deplorable end in 1998 following 24 years together, Charlie says that the two are old buddies. Reports recommend that they meet on family events and birthday celebrations. A celebration like Christmas is additionally an event when they share a couple of beverages.

Charlie’s 2006 book, This Is Charlie Bird, discussed their marriage and its end. Other than a little with regards to Mary’s hitched life, Mary never uncovered a lot including, her folks, instructive capabilities, and expert foundation. As to age, it is most likely between 65 to 75 years, while her ex is 72. The assessed total assets of Mary O Connor, who is generally short of the spotlight, stays a secret.

Notwithstanding, we think about her ex. He has a total assets of about $14 million. Presumably, the greater part of what he acquired is from his compensation as a writer. About Mary O Connor’s whereabouts, it stays stowed away.

After the finish of her 24-drawn out marriage, she never took the spotlight. We never heard much from her and Charlie. However, reports say that they are old buddies and surprisingly meet sporadically. With that, it will not be a stretch to say that Mary lives to some degree close to her family. Twitter account.