Charlie Cojuangco Died From An Accident Age 58, Congressman Crashed His Car


Many could recollect Charlie as the child of Eduardo Cojuanco Jr., an expired lawmaker/business. He was adored by individuals for his positive data thoughts and is commended for his and his family’s commitment to the country.

Individuals have taken web-based media to communicate their compassion and sympathies to the perished family. Individuals are thinking back the positive outcome he has gotten Tarlac with his diligent effort and enthusiasm.

Charlie Cojuangco Died From An Accident Age 58 – Eduardo Cojuanco Jr Son Crashed His Car Charlie’s passing has staggered the whole country of the Philippines; the purpose for the demise is a fender bender he experienced on the race circuit. According to reports, while driving he experienced an aneurysm, which prompted the mishap.

This sad occurrence happened not long after his union with his second spouse China. His passing news was shared by his better half through her online media handle. After the mishap, he was taken to emergency clinic and went on a medical procedure.

Unfortunately, he lost his life on the grounds that the mishap caused genuine dangers. His demise is viewed as an incredible misfortune to the Philippines’ governmental issues since he addressed many voices that were underrepresented.

His adoration toward his resident and family is very notable to general society. His passing has left a big opportunity that will be difficult to fill for any individual on the grounds that Charlie figured out how to deal with every one of the voices against or for him.

Charlie Cojuangco Wife And Son Charlie’s significant other is China Jocson, she was the person who imparted the dismal news to the remainder of the world. Charlie has two children Claudia and Jaime, who were exceptionally near him. The whole family is devasted by his demise.

Prior to wedding China, he was hitched to Rio Diaz; be that as it may, their relationship finished in 2004. Charlie was unmarried for a really long time yet chose to wed China in 2021, however tragically, their relationship didn’t keep going long as a result of Charlie’s mishap.

Charlie comes from a group of legislators and his significant other China is likewise associated with administrative works. Consequently, one might say that Conjuangco’s relatives are forward to their general population constantly.

The responsibility and devotion to individuals were something that made Charlie well known among individuals. Presently, there are inquiries regarding the individual who will occupy the space left by Charlie.