Charlotte Chavez, 31, Charged after her 1-year-old baby died from fentanyl


-Chavez, a 31-year-old mother from Denver, is blamed by the Denver lead prosecutor for kid misuse that made her 1-year-old little girl die unnaturally.

Charlotte Chavez, a mother, has been accused of the homicide of her 1-year-old little girl Because of fentanyl being found in her baby’s framework, Charlotte Chavez has been accused of kid misuse bringing about death. In December of last year, Charlotte Chavez dialed 911 to report that her 1-year-old girl Betty was not relaxing. At the point when paramedics were called, they took Betty to Denver Health, where she died.

A toxicology report, in any case, showed that the baby young lady really died because of the deadly impacts of fentanyl. Chavez thus made her most memorable court appearance on September 2 and there Charlotte Chavez was charged by the Denver lead prosecutor with youngster misuse that brought about death.

Charlotte Chavez Age, Family, and Early Life Charlotte Chavez is right now 31 years of age, so we accept she was born around 1991. As little data in regards to her own life has surfaced over the web, we have no particular data with respect to her date of birth, which makes it hard to track down a particular data about her folks at this moment.

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Charlotte Chavez Husband, What about her relationship? She is the mother of her departed youngster and many individuals think she is a single parent, however we know nothing about her mate or her own circumstance. When we have any new data about her own life, we will refresh this region.

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