Chelsea Handler Says Her Relationship with Jo Koy ‘Renewed’ Her Faith in Men: ‘I Believe in Love’

Chelsea Overseer is uncovering how her relationship with Jo Koy restored her confidence in men.

In spite of the pair parting in July, the 47-year-old comic considered their almost one-year relationship and how it adjusted her viewpoint on affection. “I had sort of lost my confidence in men,” Overseer owned up to Amusement This evening. “And afterward, I got into a relationship and that confidence was restored, and it made me receptive and kind and I stay that way.”

Overseer added she is “thankful” for the couple’s time together, which included Koy guiding her new Netflix exceptional, Transformation.

She said, “I’m happy that we did that extraordinary together. That was an incredible encounter.”

While Controller actually doesn’t see being in that frame of mind as “an end all, be all,” she knows the benefit of tracking down adoration.

“It tends to be wonderful for however long you are truly conveying up the best version of yourself in that relationship,” she made sense of.

“You would rather not at any point must be anyone that you’re not… also, everyone can cause others to be better and be more grounded.”

The TV character likewise uncovered what she valued about being in a caring relationship, sharing, “I have confidence in affection and I love the way that adoration can illuminate you.”

“I enjoyed the harmony and I preferred the consistent brotherhood and having a pal,” she said.

“What’s more, I recently thought, ‘Goodness no doubt, you can track down someone that you share a great deal practically speaking with and that can function too.'”

Last month, Controller drilled down into her split from Koy after the two dated for almost a year on Brooke Safeguards’ What’s the deal? Web recording.

“I truly accepted that this was my person. I thought, ‘Good gracious, I won.’ Like I got everything. I have my profession, I have regard, I have my family, I have such countless companions, I have these things,” she shared at that point. “And afterward I thought this planned to be the individual I go through my time on earth with.”

Nonetheless, Controller acknowledged he was “not my individual” toward the relationship’s end.

“There were only a few ways of behaving that we were unable to settle on… It seemed to me like I would need to leave myself, which perhaps I would have been alright to do assuming that I were 20 or 25, however I wasn’t willing to do that,” she made sense of. “Regardless of the amount I adored this individual — and I cherished him so much — I wouldn’t leave myself.”

Controller and Koy were presented by a common companion very nearly a long time back. Koy then, at that point, proceeded to show up on Overseer’s previous E! show, Chelsea Of late.

The couple opened up to the world about their relationship in September 2021.

On July 18, Controller reported the couple’s parted on Instagram, sharing a video that was intended to be posted on their one-year commemoration.

She told Safeguards, “I was in a great deal of torment, however it was unsuitable. I said this can’t occur. Our relationship recently decayed, and we both couldn’t settle on a circumstance or a few circumstances, and I figured treatment could help — it didn’t — and I depleted any road I could imagine, and afterward I recently started to understand this is pointless.”

That’s what she noticed “leaving him was perhaps of the most troublesome thing that I have at any point needed to do.” Chelsea Overseer: Transformation is streaming now on Netflix.