Cher Reacts to Dua Lipa Being Labeled the ‘Cher of Our Generation’

Cher doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to feel about being stood out from Dua Lipa. As of late, in a since-eradicated tweet, a fan alluded to the more energetic entertainer as “the Cher of our age.”

Another fan retweeted the message, which recollected a video for which Dua seems to be Cher, and expressed, “Such a great deal of truth in one tweet.”

The ensuing fan marked both Cher and Dua in their tweet, which evoked a response from the Oscar victor.

The since-deleted video that drew the basic assessment was from the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, when Dua wore an outfit that many raised resembled one Cher wore to the 1974 capability.

“This is a Versace dress, made for me,” Dua told ET of the dress. “Butterflies have had like a lot of symbolism for me this year, and it’s truly got a lot of symbolism for Versace too. So it was genuinely cool to get to get together and make something beguiling.”

Dua’s most recent look was all her own, as she wore a barely there denim two-part of ring in her 27th birthday festivity. Watch the video under for more on the entertainer.