Chilling Story Of Carol Caswell Murder Continues To Haunt Viewers


The two people supposedly engaged with Carol Caswell’s homicide are Edward Bernard Pehowic and his companion Merrill “Mickey” Tompkins.

They had gone through the evening and evening of August 23, 1996, drinking and utilizing opiates. Both the men were inebriated and had detestable aims.

Discover what occurred straightaway. Edward Pehowic Wikipedia: Read About The Horrifying Details Of His Crime On Wikipedia, Edward Pehowic is referenced under the heading “Detestable Lives Here,” however there is no extensive and point by point story of his wrongdoing on its site.

These occasions were not really known to the police, that is to say, until Edward Pehowic was captured in 1998 for attacking a lady named Patricia Landry.

During additional scrutinizing, he conceded to Carol’s homicide and the resulting unloading of her body at Willand Pond.

Carol Caswell, a 35-year-old single parent from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was a warm and sympathetic lady.

Carol had met Edward and Merrill in the bar that day, and they had welcomed her to go with them to a lake.

He tormented and beat Caswell by the lake. Edward prodded her, inferring that she could make due if she would swim across the lake.

Carol had been violently manhandled prior to being coercively held submerged until she quit breathing at Willand Pond, a Dover lake.

Pehowic and Merrill discarded her body across the state line in Maine.

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Carol Caswell Murder And Case Update On August 23, 1996, Carol Caswell evaporated suddenly and was at absolutely no point seen or heard from in the future. The individuals who realized her all around detected something was wrong.

Sergeant Tucker was drawn nearer by Patricia Landry, the lady Edward had attacked. Landry told Tucker that Edward told her during the attack how he had killed Carol Caswell and disposed of her body.

He was captured by the specialists and arrested, where he later admitted to Carol’s homicide.

Edward Pehowic’s cross examination and interview were recorded on April 6 and 7, 1998.

Edward had admitted to his violations against Carol exhaustively, and this turned into a urgent piece of proof in his arraignment.

Where Could Edward Pehowic Today be? Edward Pehowic was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole in September 1999.

He is being held at the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility in Berlin, Coös County, a medium-security office.

Edward should remain for the rest of his life until he dies from normal causes.

As indicated by records of the meeting, he recognized killing Carol Caswell at Willand Pond in Somersworth with his friend Merrill “Mickey” Tompkins.