Chizzy locks horn with Chichi and Phyna


Chichi assembled a conference to dole out House keeping jobs, and confusion resulted when Chizzy faced Phyna about her explanations in the interest of Cool, while Chichi complained when Chizzy tested her about cleaning obligations.

Earlier today’s exercises in Biggie’s Home started discreetly, with numerous languid heads. This quiet was, nonetheless, the start of a turbulent morning. With Head of House Chichi waking the Housemates for a gathering, it gave the idea that inconvenience was coming.

Obligations were alloted while the gathering started, yet nobody was accessible to clear out the kitchen. Phyna communicated her mistake that nobody was accessible to tidy up the kitchen. Chizzy told Phyna not to represent Awesome after some upheaval.

It’s muddled why Chizzy disapproved of Phyna’s discourse, however it set Phyna off on a tirade. Phyna cautioned Chizzy not to talk without thinking and called him different names.

Chizzy had one more accident with Chichi when he tested her about cleaning obligations during the morning brutality.