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Chris Chan, age 39, is a dubious web-based media character known for her Sonichu web series.

The Sonichu maker, Chris Chan initially distinguished as a male, yet later came out as a transsexual lady.

In 2016, she changed her name to Christine. Likewise, she legitimately changed her sexual orientation and came out as sexually open.

Besides, Chan began delivering her Sonichu web series in March 2000. She needed to make a person that would be a blend of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Notwithstanding, Sonichu acquired consideration after Encyclopedia Dramatica derided Chan for the introduction of ladies in the comic.

Chan was called out for mocking ladies and making homophobic content. Yet, she has not quit making content notwithstanding the reactions and negative remarks.

On July 30, 2021, “Chris Chan Did What” moved on Twitter. This inspired an anomaly among numerous who, without a doubt, gazed upward online to know what Chan did this time.

As indicated by numerous outlets, Chris Chan supposedly assaulted his mom, who is 80 years of age presently and is experiencing dementia.

Sound and screen captures of certain talks surfaced on the web, where Chris confesses to assaulting his mom.

Following the viral content, individuals are shocked and are publically deriding Chan. Twitter is overwhelmed with reactions and reproaches for the web-based media character.

Some communicated their skepticism that somebody would do this to their own mom, considering Chan is presently distinguished as a transsexual lady.

Indeed, as per a Twitter string, Chris Chan is captured and confined in defensive guardianship under Virginia Court.

The Green Country Police allegedly visited Chan’s home get-togethers attack talk spread via web-based media.

Chan’s mom, Barbara Anne Wiston, has shown up in her recordings. She additionally flaunted her sweeping assortment in one of Chan’s recordings.

Data surfaced that Barbara is at the clinic for a senior consideration investigation and Chan is taken out from her home.

Chan shared different photos of her mom on Facebook on the event of Mother’s Day. In the subtitle, Chan recognized her mom’s penances and communicated her affection for her.

On Reddit, a client shared a YouTube video containing the supposed sound and text bits where Chris Chan conceded she assaulted her mom.

Obviously, the news sickened numerous as it is positively an offensive demonstration. An exceptional conversation occurred on Reddit where netizens addressed if Chan assaulted or had sex with her mom.

As her mom has dementia, she can’t in any way, shape or form give assent. Thus, netizens contended it’s unquestionably assault.

One client even remarked they are going off the rails mentally due to the news and are addressing reality.

On the off chance that the supposed charge is demonstrated precise, Chan faces a Class 1 Misdemeanor with punishments up to a $2,500 fine and one year in prison.

Then again, Virginia County Law can distinguish the supposed attack as a class 5 crime. This mean she can look as long as ten years in jail.