Chris Evans Is Dating Actress Alba Baptista: ‘It’s Serious,’ Says Source — He’s ‘Never Been Happier’

Chris Evans has another adoration in his life. The Lightyear entertainer, 41, has been dating Portuguese entertainer Alba Baptista “for more than a year and it’s significant,” a source tells Individuals, adding, “They are infatuated and Chris has never been more joyful. His loved ones all revere her.” Reps for Evans and Baptista didn’t answer Individuals’ solicitations for input.

Baptista, 25, featured in the current year’s Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. She communicates in five dialects and is the girl of a specialist and an interpreter.

In 2018, she did a broad measure of compassionate work at a halfway house in Cambodia zeroing in on schooling. Last year, she won the Meteorite grant at the Berlin Film Celebration.

This week, Evans was named Individuals’ 2022 Hottest Man Alive. In the main story, the Skipper America alum said he’s inclination “extremely content” with life at the present time, zeroed in on balance between serious and fun activities and spending however much margin time as could reasonably be expected with his friends and family.

“That is totally something I need: spouse, kids, fabricating a family,” added Evans.

“At the point when you read about a large portion of the best specialists, whether it’s entertainers, painters, scholars, the majority of them [admit] it wasn’t the work they made [that they are most glad of], it was about the connections; the families they made, the affection they found, the adoration they shared.”

“So it’s additionally something through my long 41 years that likewise sounds valid. Those things are the main,” he said.

“I want custom and service. I had a ton of that in my life, so making that — I can’t imagine anything better.” As he’s progressed in years, Evans said he’s gotten better as a significant other.

“You invest a great deal of energy realizing what’s been useful and what hasn’t been,” he said.

“We as a whole have designs, hang-ups or stuff that rehash and reverberation, so I’ve truly had the option to sort of distinguish where I really want improvement and what works.”

“I likewise truly see the worth and strength behind saying, ‘Please accept my apologies.’

On the off chance that you’re capable in those weak minutes to keep cool-headed and tune in, and say you’re sorry regardless of whether you figure you’ve done anything wrong since it’s not according to your viewpoint it’s from the other individual’s, I feel that opens up an entryway in an exceptionally solid manner,” said Evans.

Evans recently dated entertainers Jenny Record, Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel.