Chris Habiyakare – Lyr1cure7 Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

Chris Habiyakare was an Australian impending rapper and performer. He didn’t compose tunes until 2012. He composed a tune about his first crush who didn’t cherish him back. He composed a 16 bar stanza in under thirty minutes.

A portion of his melodies are Floating, Viral Freestyle, Grind Don’t Lie, Life Is Good, Skillz, and then some. Chris Habiyakare, also called Lyr1cure7, was a cutting-edge rapper who was en route to acquiring a spot for himself in the music business.

The rapper was of blended African-Australian legacy. He showed up in Australia in 2007 with his family. He was enthusiastic with regards to rap music and regularly recorded himself performing music.

His energy for music additionally drove him to utilize drugs. He was engaged with some off-base gatherings and got himself removed from school, detailed 9News.

Chris regularly had a disagreement with the police, which continually stressed his folks. His dad, at a certain point, accepted his child will die because of his illicit drug use.

Nonetheless, the rapper ultimately acknowledged he was going on a dim way and was dealing with turning out to be better when he out of nowhere died.

Chris Habiyakare was shot and killed on August 24, 2021. He was investing energy with a couple of his companions at his Melbourne home when a few men thumped on his entryway, according to

Chris addressed the thump and a showdown occurred among him and the gathering of concealed men. The rapper’s companions, two men, and three ladies escaped the house following the squabble. One lady crushed through a window to get away from the house.

The gathering of men was completely outfitted with the police accepting they accompanied the expectation to kill Chris. There was a lot of money and medications present on the crime location yet the men were not worried about them.

Further, Chris was additionally associated with one more quarrel with another gathering three days before his passing. From the outset, the police accepted the previous battle had something to do with his demise.

Nonetheless, the law authorization presently thinks the previous battle was utilized as a cover by the ones who really pulled the trigger.

They have almost distinguished two men who the police accept shot Chris at his home. They mentioned individuals with any data to approach and furthermore asked the men required to approach and give up themselves.

The specific idea of the squabble and why Chris was focused on is as yet a question of examination. Chris Habiyakare’s age was 24 years of age at the hour of his passing. He was born in an outcast camp however his exact date of birth isn’t revealed presently. Facebook account.