Chris Hemsworth Fears Drowning as He Tests Himself with Special Forces Training in New Show ‘Limitless’

Chris Hemsworth is pushing the limits of what his body can do in his new six-episode Disney+ unique series from Public Geographic, and Individuals has a restrictive First Look!

In Boundless with Chris Hemsworth, the 39-year-old Thor entertainer meets with top notch specialists to find out about progressive new exploration and long-held customs that can assist with peopling live better, more brilliant and longer lives.

Hemsworth goes through a progression of remarkable difficulties planned by specialists with an end goal to grasp the constraints of the human body — preliminaries like “drownproofing,” an Extraordinary Powers strength preparing method in which one’s hands and feet are bound while they’re entrusted with finishing a progression of submerged undertakings like doing flips, swimming laps and drifting.

“The point is to start off the last multiple times, giving me simply a brief moment to give me enough air,” Hemsworth makes sense of in a restrictive clasp from the episode, which debuts Nov. 16.

“There’s a wide range of moronic stuff going through my head,” he says in the clasp. “Presently I’m beginning to think, consider the possibility that I really suffocate.”

Assuming it sounds unnerving, that is on the grounds that it is.

As a matter of fact, its whole object is to build Hemsworth’s feelings of anxiety so he can rehearse good self-talk, a mental method to help him rethink his outlook. That is more difficult than one might expect, in any event, for Hemsworth. “I assume I end up being focused on in circumstances I haven’t had the option to get ready for,” Hemsworth says in the clasp.

“Obviously I realize I have sufficient oxygen, I realize these folks won’t allow me to suffocate, however I can feel my pulse dashing … the pressure rising …

I can feel my lungs beginning to consume …” he adds. “It’s severe, and it’s getting increasingly hard. I couldn’t in fact get my head up to the point of getting a breath.

That is the point at which the frenzy starts.” Hemsworth ends up bombing his most memorable endeavor at the test, however watchers should watch the full episode to check whether he gets to the next level. Social analyst Dr. Modupe Akinola guides Hemsworth in his Pressure Resistant preliminary.

“Modupe has an approach to grinning at you and causing you to feel like she’s being pleasant while she’s requesting that you accomplish something painfully terrible!” says Hemsworth.

As a pressure and strength master from Columbia Business college, Modupe “has investigated broadly why certain individuals flourish under pressure while others clasp under it,” the delivery peruses. “Her exploration shows that changing comprehension we might interpret pressure, perceiving our ability to dominate it, and in any event, saddling its exhibition improving advantages as opposed to attempting to avoid it, implies we can decrease the gamble of the pressure actuated diseases that influence so many of us, particularly as we age.”

Boundless with Chris Hemsworth is made by Darren Aronofsky and created by Protozoa and Jane Root’s Nutopia. Notwithstanding the actual difficulties, the series vows to show Hemsworth’s personal side, which “uncovers a more profound, helpless, and fair side when stood up to with a portion of life’s most troublesome real factors.”

All episodes of Boundless with Chris Hemsworth hit Disney+ on Nov. 16.